This is Good-Row’s C35 Laurel. So hot! Outside of Haruyama’s car you don’t see many of these around.
I’m not a huge fan of most Final Konnexion aero, with the exception of this kit and the FD stuff. I think the fact that these are so rare, really appeals to me. I wish I saw more of them out. They come with RB25, but as we all know the 26 just pops right in.
Action shots = boner time! I love the color as well on this thing.
Quick spec:
GP Sports Gullflame (18×9.5 +/-0 F & 18×9.5 -8 R)
Tein Super Drift Coilover
Largus Sway Bars
D-Max full pillow arms
ER33 Mission
Nismo GT-Pro LSD
HKS GT-RS Turbine
Tomei 260 Cams

And the list goes on, but overall a very cool auto!

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