Some old cars

Shunichi Tomikuda was one of my favorite drivers back in the day, and his original TA63 Carina was just downright old school cool. I ran across the specs for the car on Tomikuda’s shop’s webpage, TS Factory. 3S-GT swap with TD-06 making 340PS, what’s interesting though, is the use of R32 GTR individual throttle bodies and surge tank! The car really is interesting, I’ll try and dig some video I know I have of it at Nikko


His car after the Carina, before he drove briefly in Kazama Auto’s S15, was this S13 Silvia.  You can NEVER go wrong with gold Advan RG and together with the blue, this car always looked amazing. Full v-mount with bottom mount T518Z turbine, even has Ikea Formula individual throttle bodies and surge tank along with all the customary Ikea Formula suspension arms and links. Wish this car was still around.


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