Jimny Fun

I’ve finally got caught up for the most part with work and getting other things in order after coming back from Tokyo, so I headed out to have some fun in the dirt yesterday with some buddies and their Suzuki Jimnys. It is always a good time, and the mix of automobiles, alcohol, food, and animals always proves interesting. For the full set be sure to check Flickr. Of course any event requires a stop at a conbini (convenience store) for food and drink. I rode up with Masa and his older brother.

Safety first…..right!?

What I ended up driving mostly was Masa’s boss’ Jimny. He removed the body and remade it using tube and plywood. I felt safe…with no helmet and questionable 4point harness. The normal 550cc Jimny engine has been replaced with the larger 1.3L out of the non Kei version Jimny. It’s fast and way light…so keeping it in 2nd and sliding around was a blast.

My good friend that works at Yokohama (and also always changes my tires for free!) and his younger brother brought out 2 (of their 5!) Jimnys to play. Both and super clean, but sadly each suffered from minor mechanical problems and weren’t able to run around much.

I grabbed some video of Masa and his bro messing around. Notice the power of the 2stroke…stays running while on it’s side.

And them fixing the door so it would close for our hour ride home….

and lifting the motor by hand to replace a broken motor mount:

Another chill day…likely the last nice one of the year? I’d hope not but we shall see. Again, be sure to check the full set of pics out if you like! Cheers

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makes me want to pick up a samurai here. gotta love that you can pick the motor up enough to fix the motor mount.

November 17th, 2009 at 9:12 am

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