Random Roadster #20

Interesting use of color, and Vary items…

I’d like to see it all one color

Go Ape

Another notable Forty Eight

Do want

This Forty Eight looks just right. Room for just me, myself and I.

Such clean controls, fantastic.

Random Roadster #19

Copied from streeter’s car? Who know…or cares?


Having not been able to drive anything remotely fun for the past 7 months has been tough. So this past month I got around to getting my bike licence. Before buying anything I plan to rent a few bikes to see what kind of ride I like. This past weekend I rented my 1st, the Harley Davidson Forty-Eight.

I’ve never been a huge fan of HDs but thought I would give this one a try. I really like the classic look, fat front tire and under bar mirrors:

We spend the day roaming around the island, and since it was actually my 1st time spending more than a few minutes on a bike it was a great learning experience.

The peanut tank looks awesome, but hold next to nothing inside so I had to fill it up twice before returning it. Shifting gears was nice and precise, but the clutch was a bit heavy. Maybe just something normal for these bikes.

As a rule, the place I rented from installs pipes on all their bikes as a “safety measure” but I had to say the sound of the 1200cc was awesome and despite not being super fast was really a joy to rev out and listen to. In the coming weeks I plan to rent a few other bikes. Really looking forward to it, but really could use a good drift car about now 🙁