I could only dream to be able to build such a cool road, on my own property..

via Will’s blog:


“Project: Rod Millen must have one of the greatest driveways in the world. Over a mile long of twisting tarmac with some of his favorite features from courses and roads that he has raced – from around the globe. Now in its second year, the Leadfoot Festival is Rod’s celebration of speed – on his own driveway with his friends, family, and invited top drivers. This :90 spot was made to promote the 2012 festival.”

NC Love

I have it:

Man, I’m such a dork and/or I just need to really get in the drivers seat soon….

I still drift, sorta…

Random Roadster #18


Even more interesting, lets add a GT wing on the back with the NoPro wing….


FC Street Perfection?

I think so, don’t you?


Yes Please