Cell pic dump!






How do you all view this?

I was going to start working on a little revamp of how the site looks, but realized since using Google Reader over the past year or so that I never look at the actual url of the blogs I follow. Are most of you out there the same? The look of a blog does little to attract me these days. Are most of you the same?

Overdue video

I will get to Hiroshima…soon I hope. In the meantime here is some crappy in-car of my trip to run Suzuka Twin in reverse this past November.

Album of the Week

Easily Embarrassed: Planet Discovery

Fav Track;

Hiroshima tease

Finally got a chance to drive down to Hiroshima, a place I have always wanted to visit. Here is a tease for an upcoming 2-3 part update!

Reverse Twin

This past fall I ran Suzuka Twin in reverse with the NZ boys, here is a cool shot thanks to Chris:

Recent reading

While back home I was fortunate enough to get a new Kindle from the parents (Thanks again!) and as such have been really able to get a lot of reading done. On the train, between classes or just in bed for the past few weeks I have been going through books that I have been wanting to read for a long time. The first was Band of Brothers; something that I had always wanted to read since watching the HBO miniseries.

Having read about E company I really wanted to find out more about the boys on the opposite side of the world, so I went through With the Old Breed, a book that deals with the much harsher Pacific theatre. It really is a stark contrast between the German and Japanese, and I highly recommend reading both of these books even if you have seen either of the HBO miniseries events. After finishing With the Old Breed, I have begun watching HBO’s The Pacific. It is good viewing and at the very least a good reminder of what some of our countries best had to go through during WWII.

After reading so much about killing and the horrors of war, I have decided to go back and revisit 3 books that I read while in college, The Myst trilogy. I suppose these 3 may not be for everyone, but having enjoyed the pc games I always enjoyed these 3 quick novels and it has been nice going through them again. The 3 are available as a set for $10, so I figured why not.

Meihan E-course

Most of you are familiar with Meihan’s C-course, but there is also E-course. There is an upcoming track day there with some buddies, hope I can make it:

Dee Brown!?

I needed some new shoes, went with a classic in a new color. Pump Omni Lite Flight Jacket Pack Green:

Original Pump Omni Lite worn by Brown in the ’91 Dunk Contest…no look!

Phill you’re going down.