Album of the week

Random Album Title: Deadmau5

Fav Track;

Random Roadster #16

SSR SP2 on a NB I have been following for awhile. Looking clean as ever.

14″ is in

Random Levin 3door I happened upon on the way to the gym. 14″ XR4 on panda will never go out of style.

Winter in Kameoka

I woke up to this a few days ago. Glad I take the train and didn’t have to deal with the ice covered roads through the mountains.



While waiting for said train, I had this nice view.

Sup Homy

Masa’s new daily. Nissan Caravan Homy. Extra Long, extra low, 5speed on the floor. We roll in style ’round town. This is what picked me up from the airport on my way home.

Early ’80s style in full effect!

Back in Japan

but not any healthier:

Back into my groove here, so expect more normal updates from here on out!