On a jet plane


Heading to the states for the holidays. Been over 8 months without any airtravel, and it’s been nice but I need some time away from this country. Will do some driving in Cali, betting in Vegas and you know plenty of eating along the way and in Chicago.

Another one…

Ran across this new item today. The Kisai Satellite; even cheaper than the last at around $95. Really like the all black. Stealthy. Maybe this is the better option, no need to break the bank on a watch I suppose eh.

Been on the hunt

for a decent timepiece for quite a while now. I never really find anything that jives with my budget and style. Scott Hansen (Tycho/ISO50) just tossed up this beautiful item:

Check out the homepage for Void, or you can buy a tad cheaper at Dezeen. At £125 ($199) it isn’t a piggy bank breaker, but still sets you apart from the plethora of Fossil and Diesel things out there. I may have to scoop this up, ’bout time I bought something other than car parts eh? This or a new Kindle…hrmmm.

Random Roadster(s) #15

Can you tell what’s been on my mind as of late!?

Oh why…

Must you white NCs taunt me so?!? Cool pic from Tetsuya taken at Joy Fast.

The Pass

@3:02 is the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile:

Cool video put together by Stewy @ Inertia Motorsport

Random Roadster #14

NC2 on my favorite wheel.

The understated lip and canards work well on the white, and that trunk lip is hot.

A bit more low, and we have NC perfection.