Let the force be with me…

So, after 3 years I finally ditched my trusty clamshell P705i and jumped onto the Adroid bandwagon. So far, this thing rocks. Plus because of the below ad campain by Docomo, the phone is known as “Darth Vader”. Cool.

Scooter day out

I found myself looking today through some pictures I took over the summer. It’s getting colder by the day here in Kyoto and I found these shots from a perfect late summer day a few months ago when a few of my friends and I gathered some scooters and rounded Biwako, the largest lake in Japan. While everyone else had a scooter of their own, I didn’t, so a friend kindly let me use his Zoomer for the day:

Along the way we stopped plenty of times to enjoy the scenery. While the southern most areas of the lake are not the best looking, once you get up more north the water quality goes way up and the lack of people make for some nice peace and quiet.

In a few places a few of us stopped and decided to jump in. A few miles on the scooter and you were dry, so we did it a few times:

Ramen for lunch. In the middle of nowhere it was actually hard to find a good place to grab a bite:

Of course the lowest scooter award went to Masa with his Honda Dio.

I tried giving it a ride, but even at my low 170lbs the tire would rub the entire time, but as you can see it’s rubbed clear through the fender and was rubbing frame when I was on it…….

In all, it took us 12 hours from start to finish to make the journey. Passing cars in the middle lane, running to the front of the line at a red light, lots of fun. I was considering getting a scooter for myself, but maybe I will wait now until it warms up a bit around here. That and I just picked up a 2nd car! More on that in another post.

F1 2010…

has to be one of the best seasons in the bast few years. Nail biter right down to the end. I had my hopes up for Webber, seeing as I feel like it was his last chance, but just goes to show why RedBull has built their program around Vettel.

RTL GP F1 Year Clip 2010 from zwoemba on Vimeo.

Axis of Oversteer said it best; “Vettel has been driving since he was three years old and was put under contract by RedBull at age nine, a fourteen year investment by a company that fourteen years ago was not even in F1. Red Bull steered Sebastian through junior formulas including that great formula 1 petri dish that was Formula BMW. A massive investment that has paid out big in 2010, well done. A shame for Webber, a bit like Massa two years ago, this year was likely his best shot.”

Can watch this all day

Man..I need more power so I can run SuzukaTwin like this…Ichiyanagi’s old D1 Zeik Onevia:

A new face in town

Masa’s older brother just picked up a new toy. Super clean daily driven TE71 with full AE86 drivetrain running carbs. Music to the ears:

Do want!