In car Ebisu

A small amount of video from this past Ebisu Drift Matsuri. To be honest I am not too happy with my driving, but with a 10hour drive home for work the next day I found myself being overly cautious. I spent most of my time at East, but as you can see did a few runs at South and the short West course. I can’t wait to get back though; with more power, more grip, and a trailer for the car.

More G1

and of course, none of it mine! Thanks to Dino again for the snaps and words!


you’ve got 2 tickets….

…to the gun show!

Some Ebisu video

Thanks to Russ at RE Xtreme for tossing this video together from the footage he took last weekend:

Man I need to go WAY faster!

More of not my stuff

Thanks to Yuta for the pics. It was cool chilling for a minute:

Thanks again! And Benson your a crappy matchmaker!

More shots from others!

Thanks to Dino for some nice shots and words at Speedhunters:

And also Adam at 7Tune for his coverage:

And also, Remi from Holland put together a video of the weekend, and you can see me for a sec @ 0:40. Cool video that captures the feeling of the weekend:

It was awesome meeting all you guys, and thanks for the coverage!

Ebisu Summer G1 & Matsuri

Just got back from a long, fun, hot 3 days at Ebisu. Once I get my footage sorted I will get it up. In the meantime, Russ at RE-Xtreme already has some footage up, so enjoy!

Summer Bihoku ’10

Bihoku is one of those tracks that always has been on my list. The 1st D1 I ever saw on video was at Bihoku. It has a special place in my heart. I don’t know why I has taken me to song to get there despite it only being 3 hours from me, but I finally was able to make it for a NK Company event. To my dismay the car started running poorly after the 1st few laps, but I was determined to make the best out of the day so I just kept my foot down when it would start to bog and was still able to make things happen. Enjoy the video!

Now it’s time to get the car running right for next weeks events; Nikko and Ebisu in the same week!

Old new viewing

Local book store is closing (sadly) and everything was 1/2 off. So $5 Option dvs were to be had today. Damn 2001/02/03 D1 was so awesome:

New thing in back

Removed the Origin roof wing that I never liked, sold it for $120 and found this Kouki already painted in black for $50…fair trade I’d say: