A bad photo

of recent progress

Hey KaizoPhoto

What are you waiting for

Makes me miss mine

Yahoo auction has it all

including this 1/24th scale 180 that just sold for $130. I was totally going to buy it..until I saw that price!

Hand built Fujimi 1/24th 180sx Kouki. Per the spec list on the auction: GT-1 Aero, 326 Power wing, 18″ VS-KF

Parking Area Forester

Random Forester found at a random parking rest area along the highway:

I can dig it

More Spirant NB

Sittin low for 15s!

Oem lip and sides always make me smile


Nakamura, 1st place super class Meihan MSC:

Teramachi, 1st place expert class Meihan MSC on Stance GR+Pro:

Looks to be…

that the Spirant NB is nearing it’s debut after quite a lot of work. I’m looking forward to it! Sunday is Roadster Fest at Honjo, so I await the pics! I hear it’s got some boost now as well…