New shoes

for the front anyway. 17×9 +15 215/40 Goodyear Revspec. Just needs more low now!


Big thanks to LJ!


AVS love

2 Fc’s and a 32

BM circa Oct. 2002


I need you in my life again:

But silver again…or some bronze this time…hrmmmm

More Ito

I need to get back on my scanning game, to start off, Ito Style Trueno coupe turbo in signature red:

Yamazaki Distillery

Last week I was able to get over to the Yamazaki Distillery. I have wanted to take the tour for quite a long time, and it  turned out to be a fun afternoon. The factory is located just inside of Osaka prefecture.

They offer a quick 30minute guided tour of the facility, showing how they make their whiskys from start to finish.

The dark, cool, alcohol smelling warehouse full of barrels was huge. The oldest I could find was a 1991:

The distillery is located at the base of a mountain that gives Suntory an endless supply of exceptionally clean spring water.

After the tour, 20minutes of free tasting. Basically, how much can you down in 20mins. My damage:

After the tasting, you are able to spend some time in the “Library”, where 7,000 variety of whisky is displayed from distilleries around the world:

Together in the Library, the bar is housed. I counted 98 variety of whiskys from around the world available, fairly cheap, by the glass for tasting.

I opted to try out the 21y Hibiki blend. Normally $180 a botttle, the 500¥ taste was just right. Check out the full set of pics from my afternoon there.



another cool shot from LJ this past weekend’s MSC at Meihan. And also some video. I mean really, Nakamura Naoki needs to just STOP driving. In case you can’t tell, he is in that 13 coupe that is getting crazy:

Thanks for the vid, Shakotan Oscar