Summer is approaching

That means Meihan….lots and lots of Meihan

Been a minute since I’ve driven there. Should be fun! Pics are LJ’s!

I broke…what?

While at the track (same as the previous post) I took the 86 out for a few laps. After getting a bit comfortable, I decided to give it my all….only to be left stuck on track after a quick 2-3 upshift. The car was at idle and the throttle was stuck to the ground; I was really confused. After the quick tow back into the pics, this is what we found:

Yea, thats what it looks like. The throttle pulley broke clean in half. This actually happened last year while at Suzuka, but after welding it (you can see the welds) we thought it wouldn’t ever happen again. I wonder if this is a common problem on these thirty year old cars. Anyway, I was feeing really bad that the car broke with me behind the wheel and had been looking forward to tandem with the car for the rest of the day. I was ready to head out myself, when I saw Masa putting in some work…and then I heard he yell over “fixed it!” This is what I found:

The previous video I posted, the entire time the throttle was rigged up like this. It made the throttle open 50% or a quick snap to 100% if you really pushed the pedal down……crazy.

Tandem time at Suzuka

This past weekend, I ran to Suzuka twin (again!) with the guys and had an awesome time. Finally(!!!) was able to get in some good driving with Masa. On with the video shall we:

As you can see I had a number of close calls, but thats what makes it all the more fun. Sadly we had one more session after this, but my camera’s battery died. Following the 86 is awesome practice for tandem. Learning how to adjust your driving on the fly to a car/driver than are 100% opposite from your own. His car was slower into turns than me, but way faster out. It made for some good fun, as you can see. Can’t wait to get back and do it again.

Latest desktop


New toys

My school is going all Mac….I’m getting spoiled with goodies:

Big Thanks

To Mark @ Fatlace! Thanks for the care package sir!

A nice thing about a 240…

I can fit 6 wheels w/ tires no problem:

P.S. Anybody looking for a cheap set of 18/17 Work XD9? $650+shipping!

P.S.S. I found some decent new metal the other day. Their newer album keeps me going at the gym, and the older ones ain’t all bad either:


While I was off in Shizuoka, getting fat, lounging around and such; Masa was hard at work on his 86. In all from start to finish the repaint took him 2 days, and in proper form the night he finished he headed to the mountains for some….”air drying”.

注意 = Caution

Cleaned up the rear fenders, near tuck on a 14…..注意!

Air horns singing La Cucaracha are a must

Daily slammed Dio…since the 86 never has  had insurance or shakken

Homemade chain deepdish, and sticker that says it all.

Golden Week

This past weekend we headed down to Shizuoka to visit some of Mayu’s family there. Fearing the horrible Golden Week holiday traffic, we opted for the more expensive Shinkansen down. It was a good decision, there was a 27km (17m) backup of cars on a key stretch we would have needed to take. Nothing was planned, and we just relaxed and saw a few things around. One being the worlds longest wooden walking bridge:

For lunch we drove down closer to the Pacific, were we had lunch at an ocean front cafeteria that serves fresh seafood from the tsukiji-like market across the street. I opted for super fresh maguro-don:

The area also offered a distant view of Mt. Fuji:

After going for a little rest, we all went and played tennis. Something I don’t pretend to do very well. After working up an appetite, we headed over for some much needed meat:

A failed attempt to relax at a local sento sent us home, we relaxed and headed to bed early. The next morning we decided to go up into the Sumatakyou, famous for green tea, various bridges, and natural hot springs. The rolling hills filled with green tea orchards were beautiful:

We stopped near the small Senzu Staton to see some of their still running Steam Locomotives. A cool sight, and one that Mayu’s 2 year old nephew really enjoyed.

Across the street from the station we sat down for a nice light, cool lunch on the oddly hot spring day. Amazingly good zaru soba and shrimp tempura:

After lunch we started the 30min trek up to the “Yume-no-Tsuribashi” (Dream Bridge).

Mayu and I

And more of the beautiful view. We had some awesome weather while in Shizuoka:

After all the hiking, it was off to a local hot spring to kick-back for a few:

After the refresh we drove back into Shimada and headed to a cool little ramen joint downtown:

and go their famous tonkotsu “maru-yo” ramen. I’m not a huge ramen guy, but the juicy pork and flavor of the tonkotsu were an awesome match. I also need to learn how to make boiled eggs with those perfectly jellied yokes:

And then off to the station for the quick hour or so ride back to Kyoto. I then spent the rest of Golden Week doing absolutely nothing, and loved it.