Out on the town

Not too happy with my driving but, the 1st run here is my 1st run in over 5weeks so I suppose I can’t complain too much. Masa’s car broke again, and I ended up running just myself most of the time. The footage isn’t that great, but I messed around with the camera as much as I could. The lighting in the middle of nowhere just doesn’t lend itself well to taking video. But I hope you guys enjoy.

Suzuka Video

Some footage that I should have gotten up long ago after we went to the track. Better late than never though. It was a fun day, with just our group on track all day. Masa’s 86 broke the run following what you see in the video. And I had some more good run’s with Ryuta behind his C33 but the camera died on me just after the run here. Can’t wait to get back with them and really get close.

Back in Jp so…..

So F jetlag, lets drive!

Spent a good couple hours, just the two of us all night. Still think that s-chassis are sloppy, my front end doesn’t react quick at all to quick brake transitions…maybe something is wrong up there. Anyways, I got a good amount of footage so I will get that up along with that last day at Suzuka last month asap!

Whats going on

I’ve been crazy busy with my classes trip to Norcal, if you wanna see what I’m involved in check this blog out. Otherwise enjoy a shot of me as a firefighter: