Put it in the bag

One Please:


Buy new in 2000

Drift it at autocross until you get kicked out:

so go drift it:

drift it some more after crashing it:

drift it more on some crappy wheels:

toss on cool wheels and drift more:

slam it and then drift it more:

add some small parts, raise it a tad and go drift it lot’s more:

take it apart and toss it in storage:

and then dream about driving it everyday……….

Random Roadster #13

Tylers NB in Texas. Spiffy Roadster Drift sticker too!

Rota Grids are whatevers but it’s a new look for Roadsters.

Just another day at the track

Suzuka Twin, we had the track to ourselves:

My car ran great all day. New alignment meant less rear camber and some adjusting on my part. But the added traction soon felt awesome and was allowing me to use the Kuroi (RIP) knuckles to their fullest. I was getting angle into the 1st turn that I’ve never drifted at (but hey I used to drive a Miata…). And as you can see I have the 9.5J +28 TE37 with 235/45 Kenda KR20 out in back. I still need to snag some fronts and then I can lower the damn thing down and make it look a tad bit more rad. Driving this thing is so fun, although the 15 was killer to look at, driving it doesn’t even come close to thing thing. I think I made a good decision.

For the 1st time in over a year Masa and I got on track together…but sadly his day ended early when his throttle pulley snapped in half (something I’ve never seen). Next time. Video up soon as well!

Random Roadster #12

Nice NB with a combo of Vary Aero that works well

Just need’s a bit more low!

Roadster 保護区 (File10)

I know it’s been a minute since I tossed one of these up, and I still need to catch up so here goes File 10 of Doriten’s Roadster Sanctuary. This time around is a decent looking black NA that has a fair bit under the hood.

In place of the ho-hum 1.8, this car is powered by a 2L BP motor that breathes via a 4throttle setup. Rods are from Maruha, and pistons are sourced from Male. Together with Tomei cams and the AE101 throttle bodies, the Freedom ECU and Integral Kobe header I am sure this thing moves.

Shoes are nice Equip 03’s. 14×8 -13 front & 15×9 +7 rear. Full AeroMaster aero together with front & rear Arios wide fenders give it the drift car look.

Footwork is comprised of Silk Road coilovers paired with RS-R spring that are on the heavy side; 16k front / 14k rear. Angle is handled by 5mm rack spacer as well as a modified knuckle. Apparently the arms themselves are also worked, to keep binding, rubbing and the like to a minimum.

Overall a really cool car imho. I’ve never been a huge fan of NA powered NA chassis but if I were to build one this seems to be just about right. Enjoy the full scan!