Game time

235/45-17 Kenda & $60ea = cheap fun!

Keeping busy

Shipping those wheels out here and there:

December 2002

More BM Scans soon!

Grabbed some more oldies, stay tuned for more goodies!

The rest of TAS

If your so inclined (after all the TAS coverage, who would be?) take a gander at the rest of the shots from my little camera of this years show. Click the pic!

I’ve done it

Once and for all…..

TAS ’10

In a last minute move, I headed up to Tokyo for this years Tokyo Auto Salon. Leaving Saturday night at 10:30, we got into Tokyo at 5:30am, and slept in the car for a good 3 hours before heading into the show. Here are just a few of my favs:

We left the show around 5:30, had some dinner (I ate with Takatori, Kuroi, Teramachi and Jikuya and that made for interesting conversation) and got back on the road. I got home around 1AM on Monday morning and got up at my normal 6:30 to head to work….

Random Roadster #11

15×7 +0 Precido Demon Camber

Silver & hardtop always in season!

Random Roadster #10

16″ SSR SP2 + Vary Lip

Random Roadster #9

14×6.5 +15 (18mm spacer= -3)

14×7+0 (10mm spacer = -10)