Holidays in the States 09 Food Edition

It’s no secret I eat a lot while home here in Chicago. So here is some of the things I have been eating over the past few days. Lets start with last night’s dinner, BBQ Beef Brisket on texas toast with cheese grits, jambalaya, and coleslaw as sides from Heaven on Seven:

When I 1st came in, Mom made me her famous spaghetti:

Of course Portillo’s is a must. Jumbo chili dog and a Combo (Italian been & Italian sausage on one bun):

Peaquods is also a must. Amazing caramelized crust:

And nothing is better than a 3am breakfast at Golden Nugget after some drinks at Green Mill:

Trip up North

This past Saturday I flew up to the twin cities to hang out. Sumo met me:

Got some awesome food, including this juicy blucey along with the best tater-tots in the world, from the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul:

And then headed out to a Heiruspecs show, always good to see Chris up on stage.

And Sunday was spent watching football, eating pizza, and nothing more. One of my best Sundays in a long while. Thank you to my hosts, I hope to see you again sooner rather than later!

Xmas Dinner ’09

Hope you all had a great Christmas. We had a nice small dinner, with nice large portions of prime rib:

Notice the full size twice baked potato for size comparison. My colon hates me.

Holidays in the States 09 pt 1

First off, happy holidays to all you guys out there who actually read this thing! After a nightmare trip back from Japan (that included missed flights, and maxed out credit cards) I finally made it into LA only 12 hours later than I had planned (with a stop in Hawaii for some nice weather). Of course the 1st stop was for some late night HAT:

Despite thr jetlag and lack of sleep for over 24 hours, we got up early and headed out to Horse Thief Mile. The guys over at RAD were cool enough to arrange a small event, and even helped me snag a ride for the car. Big thanks go out to Ryan @ Rad, Terry & Tony Pham for getting the car ready and letting me use it, and to John @ CTO for getting the tires taken care of for me. Tony’s fun car:

After driving that fun little turbo deal in the morning, Jefe let me polish off my remaining pair of DZ101 using his NB. Jefe recently snagged his FD licence at Irwindale and plans to hit Rd.1 at Long Beach hard, so thank you for trusting me to toss your car around! 340hp and similar torque with insane angle made for a FUN time:

As you can tell, I liked the power 🙂

More food was had; this time at King Taco:

Then some more later at Canters. Met up with Rogan, Flybert, John from CTO & Azndoc. Celery soda, Matzo ball soup, and a corned beef/pastrami sandwich:

and then some more grub. This time, some dope Chinese in Temple City:

and there is always room for some yogurt:

Saw Doc Brown’s house (Gamble House) from Back to the Future:

Then met up with the Uncle and Aunt down in Seal Beach for a nice dinner at Walt’s near the pier. Hawaiian Ono:

And then it was off to Chicago, via Minneapolis/St. Paul and into the fantastic weather.

HUGE thanks to B&N for your hospitality! Hope to see you guys in Japan sometime soon 🙂

Winter Suzuka

Although you could never tell it’s December by the looks of it. I wanted to shake down the car and make sure it didn’t break..but in the end it did. A dead clutch slave ended by day early, but not before I had some good fun.


I was expecting another lonely day out, but there turned out to be a good number of cars for the morning session.


I was only able to get a few runs in, but I was able to grab some video for your viewing pleasure:

So going home wasn’t possible with the clutch pedal on the floor, but thankfully by buddy also ended up coming and I was able to use his flatbed to get the thing home. Quick fix on the car and I’ll be back into the mountains.


Team Driftpro

Congrats go out to Taka for his effort in 2009. Best of luck to you in ’10!

Team Driftpro


Tim was kind enough to drive up from Osaka to drop off some things. The 15 looks good as ever…


Said things included 17×9.5 rears for me to have fun with.


Sad it wasn’t as much fun for me to drive as it is to look at.


My new car is indeed a USDM 240SX. Fed up with rhd I knew I needed lhd to keep having fun. I would much rather drive cool tracks well in a whatever car, than drive cool tracks poorly in a cool car. Previously D1&FD driver Takatori’s lhd practice car, it is simple yet well built.


Kouki S13 SR

S14 turbo & normal bolt-ons @ 1.1bar

4.3 Final & S15 subframe

Riverside Kuroi knuckles

Origin Stream Aero

Oem kouki tail lights fitted with LED

All I need for some good lhd fun. Plans are to change the look quite a lot, and add a tad more power. But for now this will due.


So good


I’m looking at you Benson…

Stance AE86 Coilover

I got a much better shot of the new Stance coilover for the 86 chassis. Complete front and height adjustable rear. Notice the roll center adjuster. Yum


For more info contact Stance USA