Bihoku ’00

Some old stuff from Bihoku…Kamimoto in the red coupe keeping it up:

Norcal Trip

I got tossed on a weeklong school trip to Norcal (mostly in Modesto) last minute, but the high point for me was getting to see Yosemite.


I’ll make a proper post on the trip here in a fews days. But dealing with moving 70 kids around for 7 days has left me more tired than I’ve been in a long time.


I don’t pretend to be very good, but of course when I throw a video up I edit it to make myself feel better and have you all think I’m a rad kinda dude. But lets be honest, your not pushing hard enough if your not hitting things or spinning and such. I grabed some close calls (since I never managed to crash) from a few track days.

Marvel at my horrid handle work. This is why I hate RHD haha. I did similar things in LHD but my hands never looked that retarded…enjoy!


New GP Sports demo car pictured at Fuji….I like


I’ve never been a fan of the newer GP aero…but this works well.

Good Feels

Cool video I peeked from Alexi from this summer Matsuri. Really captures the feeling of the weekend. And you can see me for a microsecond at 2:08 at North course.

This car is sold, btw……seeing this makes me want to drive badly.


This past weekend, ran down to Motorland Suzuka to chill and watch some 86 guys I know slide around for awhile. I’ll get to adding the whole set of pics here soon, but 1st I wanted to share this red levin. So perfect. 14’s, 20v, 4 throttle, oem lip…gets no better:







81 Love

Back on the 81 kick…so awesome




If you know me, then you know I’ve loved 81’s since…forever. Maybe this is whats next….?