Breather Tank

Darren asked me to throw up some closer shots of my setup for the breather tank. I finally got around to taking some quick snaps. I decided to mount the tank near the front of the car for a few reasons. 1st, it’s close to the radiator, overflow tank, and water neck, so aside from the line going down under the fan to the lower radiator hose all the lines are as short as possible. It is also because I still am using my oem boost gauge and the oem sensor is on the shock tower were most people mount the tank.


When I 1st went to install the water neck fitting that pulls the air out of the cooling system, I forgot to use the supplied washer and broke the fitting off while tightening it. This was actually a little bit of a blessing in disguise. The supplied fitting was just a straight nipple for the line, but since I broke mine I had to order up a new one. Greddy also sells a 90degree fitting that I thought would work better given the close proximity to the exhaust manifold. So you can see the new 90degree fitting gets the rubber hose quickly away from the hot manifold and also makes the hose easy to work with going to the tank itself as it swivels freely.


I was at 1st worried about the location of the tank. I thought it may not clear the hood; but I have no problems with that at all. I also didn’t know if the tank would be higher than the radiator (the tank needs to be to work properly) but to my surprise it sat slightly higher and I can see it working properly.


Likely more than you ever wanted to read about this little part, but it can be a tad confusing and last I remember even the units shipped stateside only include Japanese instructions. These are relativly cheap and also saves you the hastle of always having to make sure your cooling system is properly bled. So my cooling setup now includes: Greddy 2 row aluminum radiator / Greddy breather tank / Nismo low-temp thermostat / Stance water pump pulley. With this setup even in the recent hot summer I sit at idle in traffic at 69-70 degrees C and at my last Meihan outting I never saw temps higher than 76. At touge, I see around 85 at the end of my uphill run wereas I used to see temps just roll over to 100 C at the last corner.


The EA11R has always been a favorite car of mine. When I 1st came to Kyoto a friend had a fun little boost-up red version that I drove a few times (and crashed once lol). A few weeks ago at Meihan there was this green example that caught my eye from my 1st roll into the pits.


Along with the flashy color and the SSR MKIII this guy could drive WELL and the quick, snappy nature of the car really reminded me of driving my Roadster. He looked to be having such a good time.


Massive camber to fit the wheels, but the lack of grip doesn’t seem to be a problem in light cars (such as I discovered in my car) and he was ripping through the track as fast as everyone else. A nice engine bay (that I didn’t take a shot of) included a bigger turbo and varous other goods. Pictures really don’t do this car justice, it was so small and fun in person!


Sadly in the middle of the afternoon going hot into the 1st corner his front left lower arm snapped in two sending him into the tire barrier. To his luck he suffered no damage other than a slighly bent up fender from the wheel flopping around going up onto the flatbed. He was able to borrow a spare lower arm (I guess it’s a common weak point?) from another buddy of his in a Cappucino.


Notice anything strange about this car? I’m told this car as well as the green EA are very well know within the Cappucino comminity here in Japan.

Turn it up

Way up…some recent things been listening to:


oh and speaking of Tron….this looks like it might actually be decent!?

Enkei Bigend Barrel

Scott over in Cali picked up the 15×8 +5 & 15×8 -15 set of Enkei Bigend Barrels I had for sale. He got some nice 195/45s and it’s looking really clean. When I got them myself, I almost wanted to keep them to build a car around. The rear concavity is so badass, and even deeper in person. Too bad I wont see these sizes again anytime soon…


110 back on the mind

Even though I hate rhd …


scan from Soapgun!

Always wanted

These wheels!


Kei Office TD6…..these happen to be off of Tezuka’s old D1 JZX81. 17×9 17×10 on a co-worker’s car at Kid’s Heart.


Kazama also used them on his personal S15 long ago.


I’m on a mission to find some….let’s see if I can dig some up somewhere….



MTdrift’s NA still looking proper, snaps from Keith. Makes me jelous on many levels and also always reminds me of that cool little na with Arios aero 🙁

Check out more at his blog

Coming along nice

Spirant’s NB is coming together slowly. Black precedeo demon camber looks nice on the body color, interesting.

Team Stance/Origin @ Nikko

Last week was the 3rd round of D1SL at Nikko. After round 2 at Ebisu, Teramachi was tied for 3rd place in points and Fukuyama was down in 10th, so round 3 for both would be critical. They needed some good results to not only stay in points but also for Fukuyama it was a race to stay a seeded driver.


Kansai OG Kuroi went with the both of them as a spotter, and it seemed to be a start of  great event when Team Stance/Origin placed 1st & 2nd in the qualification round! Fukuyama with a 99.13 and Teramachi with a 99.10 from the judges.


Both drivers went into the top 16 riding high, the both of them won their respective runs and moved into the top 8.


Moving into the top 8, Fukuyama was up against Kyushu native Hirashima in the orange Garage D-Friends S14 and Teramachi was up against fellow Kansai native Nakamura in the D-Max S15. Sadly both drivers weren’t able to overcome these two seasoned drivers and their hopes of a podium finish ended there, in the top 8.


The good showing in qualification and into the top 8 however meant some good points were had by both drivers. Fukuyama is now up from 10th into 8th, but Teramachi lost some ground to Tezuka and now follows him in 4th by only 3 points but both remain seeded going into round 4 at Maze. Nakamura Naoki went on to beat fellow Dmax driver Yokoi Masashi (also of the popular MSC Triple D team Mind Control).


Recent Goods

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