Lets get this party started


and I made some pancakes



NSX Video

Thank you guys for the links.

I swear hearing/seeing an NSX clutch kicked into the 1st corner at Nikko is so freaking badass.

Bronze Model 5 I love you

I want. Hey Uncle Steve…if your reading..how much you want for yours!? Lol

More NA1

Anyone ever see video of this car? I can’t seem to find it. Good old snaps by Mike at Tsukuba




Nothing New

But I keep looking so I figured I would share for those that haven’t see it.




Would be best daily ever

New Pepsi

Pepsi just came out with a new shiso flavor. I’m not a huge Pepsi drinker but I had to give it a try since one of my favorite drinks is the shiso based Tantakatan.


I feel like I’m drinking shochu while at work….niiiiiice

Common Snapper

I got tossed these links to the Common Snapper NA and a few others at Meihan yesterday. Totally reminded me that I need to find the issue of Doriten that had the car in it. Makes me want the Roadster SO BAD!

Year 2

A few months ago we started the new school year here, thankfully I avoided all the odd changes in position that took place and I stayed with the same class. Our trip to America got pushed back because of the flu..but we should be going early next year.


Summer time

So it has been getting hotter and hotter here, so yesterday I tossed in a new radiator, Nismo thermostat and a Greddy breather tank.


Aside from the radiator hoses I bought not even coming close to fitting, and breaking off the breather tank attachment that threads into the water neck clean off….things went well. What I thought would be a 3 hour job turned into a 5 hour one….but it’s done and the car runs much cooler. Less than 2 weeks to Meihan…..


Installed the Stance water pump pulley:





BM 2002 Yokohama All-stars




Both Takahashi and Hirota’s cars before D1 crap look. I still remember Takahashi’s car just like this at D1 Irwindale….best car there!