May ’02 BM

Tanaka 15…one of my all time mean looking


GP’s twin turbo 15:


Ichiyanagi’s car…wonder when Zeek was changed to Zeik…hrm


Team M&S from Yamaguchi-ken…a lot of badass here:


December ’01 BM

Some goods for you all, lets start with Kawabata’s 180:


Ichi & Kawabata @ Meihan winning twin class:


Murata of GoodRoad pre-2J:


Random hot S13 from Club D-Friends in Fukuoka:


Nice view

Rim in the side mirror….hot


and got some new old reading materials:


December ’01 / April ’02 / May ’02


Last minute I found out there was a Fins event at Meihan yesterday…I wasn’t able to drive from a lack of tires (and no time to get any) so I just went late and watched. Not a huge fan of just watching people drift, but it was a kickback day. Rode in a few cars, took even fewer pics..








Can’t stop looking at this angle:


Been a long while since I washed it…..I’m kinda starting to digg silver..maybe I wont paint…hrmmm


Hard sounds

3L’s recent post of some HARD beats got me remembering Bar 9….sometimes dirty is damn good!

Honestly though, I could post Bar 9 all freaking day…I’ve not found a track I didn’t like as of yet. If your into these 3 be sure to dig deeper. Going back to my previous post about og stuff I used to listen to, I have to post up the song that got me into electronic music. I never owned the game, and only played it a few times, but for some reason on my Jr. High school trip down to St. Louis (thats like…’97!?) I picked up the WipeoutXL soundtrack and started bumping it on the bus all the way back to Chicago. One track always stood out:

God only know how many times I’ve heard this track…but it never gets old for me. Such a sick sound by Photek…and be sure to check them out more if you like this track.


Some goods came today…It’s a good thing my school is closed because of the swine flu…I now have stuff to do.


Recent Music

Hiro’s recent post reminded me that I picked up the Capsule album a few weeks ago. It’s a decent one and the song that snagged me was this one:

I also have been listening to a lot of og electronic stuff. Of course you can’t say og electronic and not think Prodigy:


9min 10seconds of joy

Big thanks for s0apgun for throwing this up….this seriously just made my day.

So many awesome sounds….I don’t even need to watch to know what car is what..ahh the old days!

Uliuli = full

Takatori just got back from the States so we met up for dinner at Uliuli for some dope Hawaiian food.


We both got the huge “Mega” sized locomoco and were sadly unable to finish everything….tiz a shame…I know. Good times though and fun storied about his adventure around Cali and down to FD in ATL.