Got a pm over at Minkara from なぁ that he just picked up a Roadster. Nb as a matter of fact. Asking how I made my stuff so low….hells yea! I’m sure his car will be crazy.

It starts like this:

but I know it will be kinda badass from the sound of things…also based on his history:

The 180 you all know

His Cefiro

His SA

His Nissan Pao

Yes…yes this will be good folks.


Tossed the 18s back on the rear…damn they look so small haha





Final Bihoku Video

Finally got around to throwing something together. It’s not all that great in the midst of all those crazy good videos people are making these days but I suppose it’s better than nothing. Still have some things I need to figure out about the camera and also in post. Anyways, enjoy.

As always, constructive criticism is more than welcome!

Masa’s Kei

Suzuki Cervo w/ Carol face on air. In the location made famous by Dave’s shot of the old Alto:


and a photochop for fun


parked nice and close:



I was bored Friday night and felt like finally cutting up my oem wing. I figured before I drop $400 on the Masa wing I’d try and modify mine on the cheap. If I royally F it up I can always just buy the Masa one. So being my 1st body related modification I ever attempted myself…I wasn’t sure how to begin. But I eventully just went and bought a $2 hacksaw and got to work:


So that was fun but the hacksaw was obviously too large to get the smaller bits out, so Saturday morning I went a snagged a $15 dremel tool and some diamond cutters:


It turned out a lot cleaner than I thought, and so I decided to just put the thing back on the car for the time being to get it out of my room and clear up some space in my less than spacious living quarters.








I’m a lot more happy with the way the car looks now. I never really was a huge fan of the no wing look. I likely wont get around to properly closing up and painting the wing until around the same time next year haha.

TMF Interview

Chris emailed me and asked a few questions, check it out at TMFO’s blog!

There were also a few shots he didn’t thow up from the set I took for him, so check em out:






Thanks again for the write up Chris and congrats to Mike or snagging 2nd place at this past weekends DD25 at Gateway, and g/l to the rest of TMF in ’09!

Bihoku Tease

Finally got the footage over to the mac we have here at school. Now I just need to find time to edit up something. Looking at the footage I have..it’s not that great so I’ll see if I can pull something off 1/2 decent. Anyway, just a tease from the day..nothing special at all, more of just a test of iMovie and vimeo to see how things work/look:

It should also be said…I’m not a huge fan of Keiichi really, but this was an easy shot to grab and play around with….meh


Was just looking through blogs and saw the newest post by Team Origin driver Fukuyama. I guess from Round2 of D1SL cut/welded knuckles are no longer allowed. No more of this:


and more of this


Interesting move by D1 but it doesn’t surprize me. Everyone will be buying the GP ones now however…good for GP

Way too much food…

Went to grab some food last night at a place I’ve been a few times near Kyoto University, Aloha Cafe Uliuli. Had to wait until Masa got off work so we finally got to the place around 9 or so and by then we were all really crazy hungry. So we ended up ordering A LOT of food. Their Mega Aloha Loco Moco and the Big Island Burger were huge…and equally as good.


In fact the Loco Moco was better than the one I had my last day in Waikiki. It helped that it had spam, pork, chicken AND a huge hamburger patty in the mix.


The burger too, was amazing. Onions on top of a fried egg, two slices of cheese, a slice of pineapple between two hamburger patties all topped with 1/2 an avacado….yup thats serious


Finished it all, including a 3rd plate that was some sort of spicy beef on a bed of lettuce and rice topped with nacho chips all drenched in some delish gravy. Yea…I didn’t need any breakfast this morning.

Roadster 保護区 (Fenders)

This months Roadster Sanctuary is the 1st in 2 months, I thought the column was dead but to my surprise not only is it back, but there are almost 10pages of Roadster material in the May issue of Doriten this month. In addition, the latest Doriten dvd also has a good amount of Roadster footage from a recent event…but I’ll go more into that in a later post. This month Roadster Sanctuary again deals with Yamamoto’s ongoing build of his NA. This month he talks about some fender modification.


He widened the car by 20mm in front and 30mm in back. According to the article the fender massage was brought on by his accidental purcase of the 15×8 -15 Barrel he now uses in back. So now, fitment is 15×8 -5 front & 1595×8 -15 rear with Federal SS595 in 195/45 all around.


One problem that he reports (something I ran into on my NB) is that once you start to push the wheels out on the stock metal, the problem isn’t the arch width, but the front and rear clearance of the wheel arch. According to Yamamoto his 15’s fine but its “giri giri” (real close). I had to work the fenders more since I used 16’s. He also reports that although he was told that making the rear of the car wider would amplifly the short wheelbase issues and increase the cars want to spin, he was unable to tell any differance when at the track. Another cool short article from Doriten, enjoy the full scan: