HNL 2 & 3

Sunset at Waikiki


Then got some random Shrimp pad thai:


Fireworks at Hilton:


Next morning got some fantastic bfast at Cafe Kaila, I had the Italian omelette with spam, rice and sourdough toast. Mayu had the veggie, and it was possible better than mine? Dunno, hard to tell. Never had rice with an omelette but it works well.


After bfast we grabbed the boards and headed to the beach. It was only my 2nd day so I still haven’t been able to stand up but its still fun. I always just gone to the beach, its nice to be there actually doing something other than just laying in the sun haha. When we were done, decided to head to safeway and buy some stuff to make for dinner. Gotta keep the amazing good dinners in check otherwise I’ll take it for granted…and run out of money. So I made this delish dinner…


What is that amazing looking pasta you ask?!? Only the best…….stroganoff..yea!


We were talking at work about how we all used to eat Hamburger Helper all the time and since then I have had a craving for it. Why is it so good!? Anyways..onto desert.


Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey on SaraLee pound cake topped with some triple delight Magic Shell. So good, you all need to do it. Finished off with this random beer I saw at ABC, nice coffee smell and subtle aftertaste.


It’s been an awesome 3 days…more surfing and food in the coming days.


HNL Day 2

View from the hotel, not bad to wake up to:


B-fast at Giovanni Pastrami before going for a jog along the beach to grab the long boards. Pastrami eggs benedict and some banana pancakes.


No lie, but the hollandaise sauce was some of the best I think I’ve ever had.


Now, off to the beach to surf….lets hope I don’t die yea?


gonna be a lot of food pics while I’m here in Hawaii haha. Got in and took a stroll from the hotel down to Ala Moana but stopped and got some awesome pho at Pho Saigon :


Did some shopping, and a lot of walking and worked up a good appetite so we stopped into Kalakaua for a massive, delish plate lunch:


I’m so full…and no sleep on the plane = crazy jet lagged..ouch



We had our 1st bbq of the year this past Sunday up in Yagi along the river. Rain held off until right at the end, worked out well. Here are a few shots, but check out the full set on flickr!


Misaki’s Carina….saving the earth…one can at a time:

Fun podcast

We make these podcasts using the textbook and audio cd for our kids to practice listening on their iPod touches, and with the latest we tried to make the kids laugh a bit.

Moving pictures

Just wanna say

I think this looks less than spectacular



I’m all about fitting bit wheels, and form>function but this doesn’t even look good.


No wing and big thangs

Got the car back low, actually lowered it a bit more. Testing the 19×10 and trying the no wing look..what you guys think? The wheels came with 245/35, and I think a 235/35 will work better.








I was thinking the bronze would look better than the silver, but I was wrong. The silver really fits the red well, hrmm what to do what to do….



Got a bit close………3 times…Dave you know where I get this close 😉


Can you spot the 3 times? Haha I like to just skim the guardrail and keep on


I miss this thing