New beats

A co-worker tossed me two albumbs of K’Naan’s, one track I digg:

And another

Two wheel transport

Here is Japan having some form of bike is really convient. You can pass cars on the left and get up to lights 1st, and bypass most traffic. If I had a bike or some sort I could likley get to work in under 30mins, easy. So, I have been looking into getting a small scooter or similar bike. Anything under 50cc I don’t have to get a licence for so I want to stay there, its slow, but cheap. I started looking around and found some cool Honda Apes and such and even thought about a Zoomer (Ruckus). I used Masa’s boss’ Ape awhile back and it was loads of fun. But I ran across this cool deal from EasyRiders:




They are available in 50, 110 and 125cc. I can’t wait to rull up to school in my suit sitting on this little thing. Gonna be classic! 

In other news

I have too many computers on my desk now…. 


I also  finally got all the GT-R coffee choro-q! yesss Together with my Mario Kart collection. I’m not a dork I swear.


Random Roadster #5

 Fender pulls and Watanabe TypeR / Hardtop & oem lip


Nopro NC

Cool shot of the Nopro NC


The turning point

So in regards to my “Remember when” post, someone asked “so when did D1 go to crap, for you?”. I didn’t have to think very hard, and if you used to watch every D1 round like I used to you likely feel the same way I did, or at least recall this.

2004 D1 @ Ebisu, a little know driver to most, Hibino wows fans and judges with his amazing speed and angle into the 1st turn. Up through the ranks, he meets Nomuken in the best 16. The 1st round Hibino has room for a pass and goes for it, Nomuken however sees that Hibino is going to be able to make the pass…and promptly corrects and turns into the 86 (knocking off the Skylines front bumper & the 86’s rear). It is evident in the in-car footage that this was intentional, however they are told to run one more time. The video above is the “one more time” and as you can see, Hibino clearly wipes the floor with Nomuken. It was clear to everyone who won…but there is a lot of talk in the judges stand..they even take off their headsets and mic so viewers can’t hear the conversation. They make a decision, but clearly Orido isn’t happy with it, he looks pissed. Nomuken moves on. This one round, in the top16 of the 2004 season changed D1 for me. In fact I think it also affected Orido, as he soon after announced he would stop judging and would compete in his Supra.

For Bruce

Old Doriten “scan” that Ryan threw me way way back.



Forsight FC before green.

Remember when

D1 was good



No D1 windshield banners, no D1 sponsor roll call stickers



No politics, no huge name sponsors, barley any saftey rules



Full qualifiying on video option, full spec rundowns of winners



no grandstands, no boring highspeed courses



Nikko, DEC, Sugo Kart, Bihoku, Fisco, Tsukuba



No speed gun, no drift box, no “one-more-time”



No race suits, no pit crews



Maybe it’s so good, becuase we can’t bring it back

$4,000 worth of 15″ wheel

15×9 -13 & 15×9.5 -19 Watanabe 8-spoke in full chrome



Just in case your feeling baller, go snag these off Yahoo right quick! 

And here is some chrome in 15×8 +10 and +/-0



Roadster 保護区 (File5)

So now that I’m all out of order on these I suppose it doesn’t matter since you can just click the “roadster” category filter to the right lol. I can’t find the 4th, so I’ll have to dig through all my magazines to snag it, and in the meantime I wanted to too toss up file 5. File 5 is this cool, simple looking, yet powerful NA6.


Notice the 1/2 missing oem r-package lip, badass! The car is all stock on the outside (aside from said broken lip) and painted in a “chocolate brown” that according to the owner makes it look like a car that gets driven hard. Wheels specs aren’t listed but I’d guess both the front SSR MK3 and rear Watanabe 14″.


The 1.6L has gotten a ton of attention. Along with the Maruha 4throttle kit, the motor also has high cams and an insane 13.9:1 compression ratio on a stock head gasket tuned with a Freedom ECU. No numbers are given (according to the article this event was a shake down of the motor) but I would assume a 1.6 in this tune should make around 170hp or so? Tell me what you guys think, I’m not a NA expert..give me boost 😉


Footwork consists of OliveBall’s Dogtooth coilovers with really high 12k front and rear spring rates to keep roll to a minimum. Angle mod is just a simple 5mm spacer between the rack and the tie rod. After he blew his oem 1.6 torsen, a complete Maruha 1.8L rear end kit along with a 4.7 final and a 1.8L rear sway bar were tossed in.


Along with the engine tune, he also had a fellow Roadster driver make a one off pass side exit exhuast. In this shot of some twin Roadster drift you can also see his kinda cool looking 3 point roll bar. I’m more of a fan of cages, but the 3 point bar really matches the overall look of this car. Really a decent car, imho. Enjoy the full scan!


Also in this issue was a quick update on Yamamoto’s red NA and how much angle he got out of using both 5mm spacers and a redrilled oem knuckle. Check out the full scan for larger pics! All he did was open a new hole using an electric drill. But as you can see he got a good amount of angle out of it. Check here, for his update and afterthoughts compared to a cut and welded knuckle.