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Two quick video I saw over on J-Enko, awesome find Xavier!

No, I am not a school teacher that does the same thing at night…….

Max Speed

I saw this last week while at the bookstore, so I’m glad Friends posted it up on their blog. Their 1200hp JZX110 took the all time high speed crown in the latest issue of Option. 349.8km/h = 217.4mp/h….thats hauling. Congrats to Inose and crew!




And just in case you can’t fathom how fast 200+ is, here is that classic old clip of Nagata doing a quick 205mph pass:

Nice late lunch

This past Tuesday I had to skip out of work early and get my visa renewal taken care of. It ended up taking a lot longer that I anticipated, and I still have to go back in a week or so to pick up the completed visa. Anyways, afterwards I went to a great cafe, Mo-An, in the northern part of town atop Yoshida-yama for a late lunch.


To the East you can see famous Mt. Daimonji


And to the West, a view of the city:


To eat, I had their pita sandwich lunch, that  included a hamburger/zucchini and a mozzerella/tomato pair of pitas. The side of mushroom soup was a perfect compliment to the lightness of the dish.


Later that night, after the decently long bike ride back into town and some window shopping I was in need of some more food. Banana-caramel ice cream pancakes from Ask a Giraffe , so so so good


KO testing at Ebisu

An old video Benson showed me. The run at the 1min mark is too too gnarly!

And an even older one that never gets old:


I have been following the blog of RWB for a long time now. So many awesome projects covered and just plain cool cars pictured. You would think that a company such as RWB could take pics with something other than their cell phone lol. Either way I’ll take it, its cool to just see what they work on from day to day. Looking back through old posts, there is just an amazing amount of cool cars. 1st, this new years card from RWB…..I never got mine in the mail 🙁


A nice 964 Turbo


Flat black 996….yes please


White 964 on matte bronze, such a good combo


Blue 930 on mesh


Super tough looking 993

20090121034529.jpg 20090113022938.jpg20090121034527.jpg

Deep purple (pink?) on black 930 (i think it’s a 930?) so so good

20081130051020.jpg 20081130051023.jpg

And a random S15 with the trademark matte wheels on wide aero….my car fails so so bad


Maybe I should buy a cheap point and shoot camera and send it over to them…heh

Team Origin 2009

Team Origin again will be running in the 2009 D1SL series. This year however, along side of Mr. Fukuyama Origin will have another Kyoto local joining the team,Mr. Teramachi in his candy orange S13. It’s cool to have a guy I see at the mountain moving into D1. Both drivers are supported by Stance and should have a great year ahead of themselves. In the latest issue of Drift Tengoku, there was a small article covering this years upcoming drivers and Teramachi was one of those selected drivers.




This past weekend Mayu took me to dinner for my birthday. We went to the Funatsuru Kyoto Kamogawa Resort, right off the Kamogawa river downtown. We decided to do the full course dinner, that was French themed. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I’ve never had French before. I was, however, really surprised with how good it was. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that this place is top-notch. Of course had to get started with a glass of Makers….no other way! Along with a quick dish, a nice fresh orange wrapped in some equally fresh fish…and a Baileys to keep things going:


Next, was this foie gras with rasberry bread. My 1st time having foie gras, and I have to say it is quite good. Very rich, good to eat in small portions. Even this portion was a bit much towards the end.


Following the foie gras was this amazing carrot soup. Made with carrots gown right in Kyoto (Kyo-yasai). Now drinking a nice Bombay Sapphire martini…dirty no doubt.


Next, onto the main dishes. The 1st, was a seafood dish with some amazing lobster.


Stuffed chicken was the next dish, this was possibly my favorite. Nice crispy skin, with a stuffing of some sort that was fantastic. I ended up eating the remaining 1/2 of Mayu’s as well…


Onto dessert. Well this was the pre-dessert dessert haha. A small stawberry gelatin/cream pudding type deal. Nice and small, and the sweetness was good at preparing for the actually dessert. I guess this is supposed to clear the pallet of the saltier previous dish.


The main dessert was a delicious apple tart with some vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit. The ice cream was great, and had a hint of lemon that really had a nice fresh aftertaste.


And to finish off the dinner, we had a nice cup freshly brewed tea….along with the surprise bday plate…that yes I ended up eating haha


And of course a simple beer to cap it all off. In all this course took us around 3 hours to get through. It was a nice relaxing meal, with a nice view of the river at night. I will for sure look more into French now, as well as course type meals. It was quite expensive but well worth the coin for sure. Cheers!


I’d like to be…

at Ebisu…in a beat up s14…in the snow… 🙁



Yesterday’s lunch

Included a slice of heaven:


Vary NB Coupe

This is easily my favorite purpose built, grip Roadster. This example was put together by Garage Vary. While these shots are nothing new, I just wanted to toss these up for those who haven’t seen it. NB coupe is so rad, I wish they were not so rare and expensive even here in Japan. I would love to build one, maybe one of these days…