No time

Seriously NO time to get ready but I should be able to pull it off. Got most of the work done this weekend, still have to tidy up a few things and get the alignment done. I also picked up a pair of 17×9 +17 CR Kai with new 215/45s for $300 to use in the rear (or front if the 18s rub too much). Honest update soon…I swear


At JMCS getting the work done:


[randomness]These little pullback cars that come on Boss Coffee are cool [/randomness]


And I’ve been so busy that I totally forgot..but it’s finally holiday season. I rolled through Kyoto Station and their massive tree pleasantly reminded me:


So happy holidays everyone!



18×10 +30 245/40


Crunch Time!

Ok, so its less than a week before my 1st event here. I’ll be going to the Ziek event at Meihan, and run on the infamous C-course. I should be mad stoked, but in truth I’m a bit stressed with getting the car ready in time, with the limited funds that I have. Lets see what needs to be done, I have all the parts….just not the time:

Install GT-1 tension rods & toe rods

Install Cusco rear upper control arm

Install Ikea Formula inner tie rods

Install ProjectMU D1Spec rear brake pads

Change diff and engine oil

Dismount 225/40 off the front 9J and mount onto the 10J so I can dial out some camber

Mount new 215/40 Goodyear Revspec RS-02’s on the front 9J

Once thats all done, go get the thing aligned

Once its aligned, see where the front rubs in the wheel well/chassis and get out the hammer and bash away.

Then hopefully go to Meihan hope something doesn’t break and pull something like this off a few times:


Oil for all

Forgot to post these up from when I went to Autobacs this weekend…oil for just about everything…oil for Bruce:


Oil for QHan:


For Bruce, Earl, Stuntman, Keith and even some Evo love for Mike:


And oil for 90% of the rest of us:


787B livery…

works on just about anything when done right, such as the rear deal of course:


Tony’s RX8:


This random SA22c:


Also, lets not forget Suzuki’s FC & FD:

101.jpg p2090181.jpg


Sunday shopping

Took a stroll to the local Super Autobacs and picked up a few things I needed:


I finally got around to rolling the rear fenders, so I have the Model5’s on now, but I need to make a few changes to ride height, camber and such before I’m happy. When I am I’ll post it up 😉


Makes such an awesome burger….I need to go back and get five more:

We also made two more podcasts for the kids here for the chapters we are working on in the book. We took some pictures and Chris edited and put them up:

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Fast forward to about 3/4 of the way thru for the new dialogs

Past few day’s food

This past weekend I made some nice curry:


Also found an awesome cafe that serves some amazing hayashi rice:


Went to a nice kaiten-zushi place, that instead of 100yen plates, most were 400yen and up. This plate was 850yen:


The next day I went to sushi again, this time with Masa, his boss, and Yama (whom I bought the S15 from) to a sushi joint next to my place I never knew existed. We started with these HUGE rolls and sashimi:



And ended with this amazing fresh fish. I actually got to pick him out of the tank, and watch them prepare it for me:


When I got it, he was still moving….so like a dorky tourist I took a video with my phone:

Return to Sender

Too, TOO much history in this car to let it go. This car has more history than any other car I can think of in Chicago.



Let’s hope that it doesn’t disappear…. and lets add some fuel to the fire with these sick videos from this year’s drift matsuri at Ebisu’s north and west courses:


Drink Stand

Brake calipers make good ones