Time to eat like an American

So along with yesterday I had today off. I have been feeling a little sick, as a result of the quick weather change in the past week. But I decided rather than staying in and relaxing, that what I really needed was a proper meal in my belly. Lucky Nick from work called and wanted to know if I was up for a trip to Outback down in Osaka….why yes I was. Little did I know that today I would be eating more than I likely have eaten in the past 3 days combined! But 1st, get them directions to the phone!


Then jump of the train for the trip down. 1st onto the JR in front of my place -> then down to the subway from Kyoto station to Shijo/Karasuma -> then another transfer to the Hankyu line into Umeda where I met up with Nick, Steve, and Chris from work.


So we all make out way to Outback via the MASSIVE underground complex that is the JR Osaka/Hankyu Umeda station since it was raining and finally find the Outback….but the damn place was closed. By this point we were all starving so we headed to a Mexican place Chris knew a few stops up outside Shinsaibashi called “El Pancho” that turned out to be a great place that I’m sure I’ll go back to. Being from Chicago we have our fair share of fantastic, authentic Mexican food joints and I must say this place held its own. Apparently the owner/chef lived in Mexico for 6 or so years.


Nick and I decided however, that we would not be swayed of our original plan of getting meats at Outback, so we both ordered a smaller dish of two Tacos with the plan of heading back to Outback one it opened up. Chris had to book after lunch so he got a full plate, and I ended up eating about a 1/4 of it since he wasn’t able to finish it. This stuff was delish:


So after downing the Mexican food, we had a bout 2 hours to kill before Outback opened up for dinner. Steve, Nick and I ran to Tokyu Hands and killed most of the time there. I wanted to pick up some KTC tools but man that stuff is pricey! I guess I’ll go cheap or carry some stuff from home next time I’m there. So anyway, we kill the 2 or so hours and finally get to Outback:


So we walk in and I think I ordered the Bloomin’ Onion on the way to table before we even sat down…I forget as the next hour is a blur of overeating bliss. I had to settle for a Guinness since Blue Moon wasn’t available but it hit the spot just the same.


Main dish was up…3/4lbs prime rib! I can’t explain how good this was! Looking back I am sure the ones back home have been better but you just don’t see meat portions like this is Japan much. Yea they gave me fries even though I ordered steamed veggies…whatever, I got those and ate the fries along with the soup AND the bread. Gluttony is such a fun sin to commit isn’t it!?



After taking that last picture I don’t really recall much. I don’t know how I got home really, I was in one badddd food coma the whole way and am surprised I got all my transfers w/o problems. But like I said, I have not eaten like this in a LONG time so I don’t feel too bad about it. I suppose its good I got it all done in one day as well…but work in the morning is going to be rough 🙁

Little somethin’ old and somethin’ new

De La Soul – Breakdawn from now8p on Vimeo.

J. Dilla – Won’t Do from now8p on Vimeo.

Goodies have come

Finally got my package from them fine folks at Stance/TougeFactory. I saved a load of cash by taking the local train to the airport to pick it up, but in all took about 7 hours from leaving my place to stepping back in the door. I suppose its worth it fiscally but time wise I think I would have just rather paid the bit extra to have been able to enjoy my day off. But whatever, on with the goods! So when I saw them bring out the box I thought it was a mistake….this box is seriously a third of the size of a normal coilover box. But indeed everything was stuffed in there:


Ok let’s open this bad boy up and see what we have….STICKER BOMB ALL IN MY FACE!!!


Ok sweet I can rice the thing out now! Ok whats next…I’m scared….oh snap! The Advan Model6 centerfold!! Much love to Risky Devil for that one!


Ok lets see what we really came for….lots and lots of goodies! Stance AL+ /Stance Subframe Collars / Stance Water Pulley / Stance Water Neck Temp Adapter / lots of other cool stuffs!


All I need to do now is snag some Swift springs and I’m good to go! Big HUGE thanks to you guys at TF/Stance for getting this package to me. And extra hugs and kisses to those sexy warehouse guys at TF for busting their asses on this package to make it as small as possible to save me some scrilla. Oh yea, wheels are in the mail….so thats next 😉


This past week I took the car over to Takatori at Atix to have the harness in the front wheel well moved into the engine bay before I get the Stance and lower the car.



$150 and 2 hours later the harness was out of the fender and into the bay. No cutting of the harness at all.



Out back is the old school A31 that he used for about 4 years in various events including D1. He plans on parting it soon.



This past weekend was the Shikoku Ikaten event at Setonaikai Circuit, I didn’t go or anything but this video I found is cool and you can never have enough JZX video. The 2nd run is manly for sure.

Oh and another cool Advan Model 5 shot:


Advan Model 5

You are too sexy


I will have you

Red Love

Cars like this make me glad I have red.  This Garage Mak car makes me like CR Kai again. I also am in love with their rear bumper. The gt wing doesn’t hurt on this one either…





I’m not really in love with the front end, but it is aggressive, I will say that. I like it on this black car, it hides the ugly just right but lets enough of the shape be seen.




I wish you were not so expensive! This random R32 on LMGT4 is too raw…


S15 Goods

Naturally I’ve been looking around at a lot of cars since I got the S15, and have ran across a lot of really nice ones. But this one I found on Minkara has to be on the best. Its damn near perfect, and even the blue chrome Signal splash looks right at home.



The above shot has to one of my favorite S15 pictures. The oem rear wing with the center brakelight pillar removed looks so good! Sides and rear aero are Vertex, but the front is now discontinued GP Sports…I really wish it wasn’t, I’d pick it up in a heartbeat. As you can see the car is on TE37, and sizes are 17x9J front and 18×9.5J rear. All on stock metal fenders, the way it should be!



His 2nd set of wheels, totally change the look of the car and are my current favorite wheel, the old school Advan Model 5. Sizes are 18x9J and 19xJ…yea 19 in the rear!



This is what we call FITMENT people. The wheel is a 19×9 +45 with a 225/35 on it spaced out just right.



Another cool aspect of the car, instead of going the easy route and thowing on the ever-popular led rear tail lights available just about everywhere, he stuck with the oem lights and fitted leds to them. It looks kickass.


Like I said, this is easily one of my favorite cars I have ran across on Minkara and although it doesn’t appear to be driven hard much, deserves a few minutes in the spotlight.


My room is such a mess

but at least I have a place to sit now…


Used ZetaII, like new but for a very not like new price..yay!