This past Saturday, I was invited to a get together for my friend Teramachi to celebrate his recent marriage. Teramachi actually drives this S13 I posted about way back, here. A few weeks ago he got 2nd place in the advanced class at the Meihan round of MSC. His car:


So the night turned into a huuuuge party and we had around 20-25 people, all drinking, talking, having a good time. At one point, I turned to my right and sitting next to me was Mr. Takatori, driver for the SA-Kyoto FD team (and former D1 driver). We talked for a while about FD and such…best of luck to him in Vegas!

It turns out all of these guys are into cars, and drive or used to…in fact I’m told a few of them used to complete with the likes of NOB and Orido back in the day. I guess a few of them are in those old DriftClub vhs tapes (before Doriten) and they often went to BM Hai!


I also found a new favorite drink… Tantakatan Shiso Shochu:


After dinner, those who didn’t drink (and me since I wasn’t going to be driving) headed to Sasayama for some touge. We stayed for a good 4 hours, as it was raining people didn’t have to worry about tires (or making too much noise). It was a fun night indeed!


Drift Pro

I was talking to Hiro yesterday and he mentioned that the Drift Pro guys (Hiro/Taka/Yoshie) finally have a blog and website. Check it out!

Hiro actually just got a new V8…from Hasselgren! According to Hiro not only does the 800hp really kick ass, but the weight loss going to the aluminum V8 from the iron 2JZ really helped the weight balance of the car and allows him to hold deeper angles better. Check out this short clip from FD @ Englishtown:

Sounds amazing! Best of luck to Hiro and the rest of the Drift Pro guys, they are some of the most kickback folk in all of US drifting!


Some of you may have seen Phil’s blog over in my blogroll, but he makes some kick-ass music. Look for a true album soon, but for now you can listen and buy from his Fuzz page! One of my favorite tracks is “Project 28” , give it a listen! Just click play and listen to the mix tape.

back in the day….

just one of those days….rings so true

and some new flavor…Rakim, Nas, and KRS One will always be three of the best on the mic

“When they do make the car you like, your chips ‘aint right…by the time you can afford it the car ‘aint important”….nice. Thanks to Logan over at OG for the find.


So a few weeks ago the guys at TF/Origin/Stance sent me some stuff along with my helmet I needed for the Rally…one of them was something I had almost forgot about completely…SPAM!


Of course no care package containing Spam can be left w/o sweet nothings written all over it!



So I had been hesitant to actually eat the Spam, only made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! But I decided that actually being inside me is where it belonged today. So I set out to re-create a typical lunch at Touge Factory….complete with thin, crispy slices if Spam covered in mass amounts of ketchup over a steaming plate of rice (damn that sounds good!)…..but as I was cooking the meat, I realized I was out of said rice so I was forced to improvise.  I tossed an egg in there with some pepper and threw it all on some bread and gave it a healthy red gold covering. The end result:


It was quite good, but sadly my electric stove doesn’t get hot enough to really crisp the Spam to my liking. But I have 3/4 of a can left and I shall make it happen…a small gas burner may be in order. Oh and one for pic, just for Eric….EAT IT LIKE AN APPLE!


Thanks again Mike / Dave / Bruce / Earl / Mo / Scott !!!!


Evo and some Devils

I just got this teaser from Dave at Stance of a customer’s EvoX…hot!


Graphite Gray Evolution X with Stance GR+ coilovers
Enkei RPF-1 SBC 18×10.5 +15 (!!!!)
265/35 Dunlop DZ101 Direzza
Origin FRP side and front canards

And this latest video from RiskyDevilxT2 Films = me wishing I was in Chicago right now with my car…. 🙁

Hand drifting….

I know this video (and the car) are a bit old, but I just found it again. It’s not only awesome that Weld could build such a car for this kid, but the fact that he can actually drive it….something Kazama can’t do. Although, I’m sure I would also not be able to do a thing w/o my feet in a car. Skip to about 4:00 to skip all the talk.

Just close your eyes…

and turn up the volume:


Good find!

Was browsing at Tower downtown last night, and ran across Emancipator’s new album….good stuff!

Emancipator – Shook (Mobb Deep/Sigur Ros)

Check out the whole album, it’s all just as good!