GTR at school!?

I walked out of the lunchroom today, to this new red GT-R staring me in the face:



gtr_4.JPG gtr_1.JPGgtr_5.JPG

This is the 1st red one I have seen, I’ve seen plenty of silver and black ones downtown. This red though, really looks good!

So wrong..

Man, this is some major BS. I just have to ask the parents that “spoke up”….what kind of example do you set for your kids?!?

New look for Fukuyama

Fukuyama’s car is getting a small facelift. And I must say, it looks much better than the old vinyl.


The car looked GOOD w/o anything though…and the new stream aero looks a bit better that the urban line he had on there before imho.



New car time!

Not for me sadly…but I got these shots from Dave at TF of his recently finished Y33 Cima (Q45). 19″ SSR’s on Air Runner and Version:Select version 1 aero. Hot hot hot! Thank you for keeping it green! Much better than black imho.



And Masa just picked up a new car, as his 86 was stolen about a month or so ago. He picked up this AA63 Carina, and had it shipped from the Tsukuba Circuit area. The Carina is basically a 4door body an AE86 chassis and drivetrain, complete with solid rear end and that lovely 4ag power. This one happens to breath through a nice pair of carbs.



He got the car delivered on Tuesday, and within 2 hours I got this picture sent to my phone:


Sittn’ proper!

New doriten

I picked up the new Doriten a few days ago, and there were a few interesting cars, like this ’69 Beetle. According to the article its a ’69 body on a ’69 chassis, has 7cm rear overfenders that house 11j wide wheels with 265/50-15″ tires. You can check out the owner’s blog, here.




This Honda Regreat, just cuz the pic rocks!




And for the past few months, towards the back of the issues they have been running a cool 4 page article “No name heros”. It’d very few words with tons of cool street shots from “unkown” locatoions……kickass

random-011.jpg random-012.jpg

Pazza Mania!

Via Racer86, I ran across these snaps of Pazza’s sick, red Trueno that he just thew a F20C into. Goodline aero w/o sides or rear is so hot. The Barrels on the front and Wats on the back don’t hurt either!



Here are a few more nice shots from :



And some words from the horses mouth:

“It doesnt feel as quick as i had imagined but it is good, linear power gives massive traction too, just like before and the gearbox.. Oh man, the gearbox is worth the hassle alone.The good news is it still drives like a corolla, it has to be worked in a similar manner and it thrives on high revs. The main difference it seems is angle, the car is constantly wanting to sit at bigger angles than before, it seems as the back pivots around the front faster. I softened the rear dampers off a little and that seemed to calm it slightly, i’ll be playing with damping a little more in future..”


Back in the day Paz used to run this cool website,….but it’s just a fond memory now. Kinda like the heyday of…….now its just a place for Benson to speak his Nazi-import-hate stuff! Remember when it was all about the dancing banana Benson!?!

Orange love

I ran across a couple of cool shots from the D1 exhibition at MSP from a few weeks back. Team Orange = awesome



These reminded me of this sick video from Ebisu North cousre:


And that I found this pic of the Arios car when he still had the orange Gram Lights:


WRC Italy and some others

After day 1 of the 2008 Rally d’Italia Sardegna, Loeb has a nice lead over his teammate Sordo and 3rd belongs to Solberg:

1. Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena Citroën C4 WRC 1 hr 31 min 27.6sec
2. Dani Sordo/Marc Marti Citroën C4 WRC 1 hr 32 min 03.3sec
3. Petter Solberg/Phil Mills Subaru Impreza WRC 1 hr 32 min 21.4sec
4. Mikko Hirvonen/Jarmo Lehtinen Ford Focus RS WRC 1 hr 32 min 26.5sec

I’d really like to see Solberg get a podium, its been a rough 2008 season so far for him. But according to he lost the position after the 1st stage of day 2 :

“Solberg began the day 18.1 sec behind second place man Dani Sordo, but the time lost on SS7 meant he slipped four places to seventh overall.”



I also found some interesting shots from the 2008 DTM series, here. Lots of cool cars and and overview of DTM. I remember when I could catch DTM on Speedchannel…..but then Nascar bought it and took off all the events that actually were interesting.


Eh…makes me sad. I think I’ll run downtown and have a drink…but what does make me happy are new pics from practice on from France:


Hat trick for Massa in Turkey

Felipe Massa took the pole and held off valiant efforts by Hamilton to take his 3rd Turkish in a row. Again, I had to “watch” the race via’s live timing system. I had high hopes for Heikki who qual’d in 2nd..but nothing is really going his way this year it seems. I glad he is in the car though, after his crash last round. Thanks to a tip by Dom, I hope to be able to actually see these races soon!


Now all I need to do is also find out how to catch next weeks Italian round of the WRC…

New(ish) Podcast

So they changed the book on us, and therefore we had to start with a new set of ideas for our podcasts. We tried to make a cheezy intro ala cheezy 80’s and 90’s tv show intros:

Some of our inspiration: