Purple Curse

Around here in Chicago, purple isn’t the color to paint your car. Purple = bad luck around these parts. This stems from the bad luck of my buddies Simba, and Eric. Basically their cars either 1) Blow up or 2) Don’t run….perpetually. Well anyway, down in Australia the guys at JDM Garage have a pair of cool, less cursed it appears, purple cars. First is the sexy R34 GTS 2 door on some clean, well fitting, Work Equips.

– Rb25det
– GreddyT67 Turbo kit
– PWR intercooler and radiator
– Jic Everything – Coilovers-Adjustable Arms etc
– Nismo 2way
– Cusco Cage
– Bride Seats trimmed in butter milk leather


post6151205996447145120jt9.jpg 023.jpg

  And the other car, this interesting Levin. The wheel wells have had some major work done, allowing the car to sit crazy low. Together with the Longchamps and crazy power the car makes from it SR20, this car is quite interesting.

-Sr20det Engine
-Apexi Power FC ecu
-Sard 850cc injectors
-HKS Turbo
-HKS 256 264 cams
-Tomei cam gears
-Tomei rocker stoppers
-Greddy Intercooler
-Customer Made XR4 wheels 15×9.5s
-E series locked diff
-Equal length rose jointed rear end


post6151205996291169745ft2.jpg 421of1qo3.jpg


GTR Road&Track Test

The good news with the GT-R just keep pouring in, check out the R&T article, here.


You can also check the pdf of all the results, here. I’ll let the article and data do all the talking, but my god….this car is incredible. Heaviest, lowest power, lowest msrp, highest ride-height….and it just kills the new Z06 and 911 Turbo.


My favorite quote from the article: “The Nissan’s handling balance is so spectacular that it registered 1.01g on the skidpad and romped through the slalom at an impressive 73.4 mph, about 3 mph faster than the others (and faster than the Ferrari Enzo).” Yes, faster than an Enzo folks. Imagine if (when?) they drop all the luxury crap and drop the cars weight 2-300lbs….


So its finally hitting home that I will be leaving next week:


I think I am going to go shoot at the range this weekend, no more of that fun for a long while 🙁 I ran across this XD-9 in sick pink digi-camo a few weeks ago. Had it not been close to $900 I would have picked it up for Yuki.


And I had been waiting for the new In Flames LP, but it turned out to be a disappointment. I wasn’t even able to get through the album two whole times, before just stopping it and moving to some good old Come Clarity.

KO on Dunlop

Koguchi just made the jump to Dunlop!


I talked a bit about the years tire changes, here, but to recap this year Falken has bowed out of D1 so most of the Falken guys are moving to Dunlop for the 2008 season. KO (and I assume most of the others) will be on Dunlop’s new Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec.



This is Good-Row’s C35 Laurel. So hot! Outside of Haruyama’s car you don’t see many of these around.
I’m not a huge fan of most Final Konnexion aero, with the exception of this kit and the FD stuff. I think the fact that these are so rare, really appeals to me. I wish I saw more of them out. They come with RB25, but as we all know the 26 just pops right in.
Action shots = boner time! I love the color as well on this thing.
Quick spec:
GP Sports Gullflame (18×9.5 +/-0 F & 18×9.5 -8 R)
Tein Super Drift Coilover
Largus Sway Bars
D-Max full pillow arms
ER33 Mission
Nismo GT-Pro LSD
HKS GT-RS Turbine
Tomei 260 Cams

And the list goes on, but overall a very cool auto!


I’ve been meaning to post this up for a while, as a bunch of people seem interested. Shakken is the bi-yearly vehicle inspection in Japan that entails:

(1) A two year base insurance policy (rate varies a little). In addition to this, you will have to buy a supplemental insurance policy.
(2) A standard inspection fee of $300 (30,000 yen).
(3) The cost of any repairs needed to bring the car up to standard.

 The $300 inspection fee is always the same, and the level of repairs and insurance all vary. It is safe to say that they WILL find “repairs”. A typical used car can cost you $1000-$2000 after all these fees. Long story short, owning a car in Japan is not cheap! Many opt to buy new cars, if they can, since new cars have a 3 year waiver on Shakken. Kei car fees are also much lower, hence the push towards such small, sub 550cc cars in the past few years.

After making your appointment, you head the shakken-jyou and then the car is VERY thoroughly inspected.


The inspections checks the following (I’m too lazy to type; thanks Wikipedia):

  • 1: An exterior inspection to ensure the vehicle meets Japanese exterior regulations and does not have illegal exterior modifications (ie: extreme body kits).
  • 2: A wheel alignment inspection to ensure the vehicle has its wheels in-line and can turn correctly.
  • 3: A speedometer inspection to ensure the vehicle’s speedometer is accurate.
  • 4: A headlight inspection to ensure that the vehicle’s headlights are correctly placed and aligned so as not to be in-line of other drivers’ sight.
  • 5: A brake inspection to ensure the brakes work correctly.
  • 6: An exhaust gas/muffler inspection which also includes looking at carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon output along with exhaust noise levels.
  • 7: An undercarriage inspection which includes looking at suspension parts.

 Here is a shot, showing how crazy this gets. Undercarrige camera!


Engine swaps, although legal, are problematic at Shakken testing. If done correctly however, the car can pass. This is an example of a S13 that had a few changes. SR20 swap (from the original CA18) to name a few. Engine codes that are cast onto the block are often checked, to assure the original engine is in place.


 As you can see here, be prepared to wait 😉


For more detailed info, check these links:



Yet more old video

I’m still on this OG video kick so I loaded more old rips over the weekend. This 1st one is so awesome! D1 Team Tengoku, with too many dope cars and drivers to list:

And here is the 2002 review, with my favorite, on board cams!

And I have to say this past weekend’s F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne was one of the craziest in a long while. Long story short, only 7 of 22 cars crossed the finish line at the end of the 58 lap race! I could have cried when, with 3 laps remaining, Sébastien Bourdais of team Toro Rosso’s Ferrari powerplant decided to die. As a result of Rubens Barrichello’s DQ he still was able to grab 7th and snag 2 points. An amazing 1st F1 race for him!


2008 F1

The season is here folks! Watched the practice last night at the Australian Grand Prix. If it has any bearing on the season to come, Hamilton will be a force for sure! Can’t wait for qualification tonight!

Here is a 2007 recap:

F1 2007 Season Review

2008 Formula One calendar:

March 16 Australia (Melbourne)
March 23 Malaysia (Sepang)
April 6 Bahrain (Sakhir)
April 27 Spain (Barcelona)
May 11 Turkey (Istanbul)
May 25 Monaco
June 8 Canada
June 22 France
July 6 Britain (Silverstone)
July 20 Germany (Hockenheim)
Aug 3 Hungary (Hungaroring)
Aug 24 Europe (Valencia)
Sep 7 Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps)
Sep 14 Italy (Monza)
Sep 28 Singapore*
Oct 12 Japan (Fuji)
Oct 19 China (Shanghai)
Nov 2 Brazil (Interlagos)

* night race

Another interesting bit of info for this year:

“It was announced that there will also be a total freeze on engine development for a period of 10 years from 2008. A change can be made after five years but only with the unanimous agreement of all stakeholders and following a further two-year notice period. There will be no exceptions for development of certain parts of the engine, as is the case under the current regulations. It was announced earlier this year that the Belgian and Italian, plus the Japanese and Chinese races, would swap places in the 2008 calendar.”

More video

Snagged and uploaded these two cool clips. 1st is more Team Magician, that I originally wrote about, here…sorry I can’t get enough!

The second is an OLD clip that uploaded, back when D1 was good, cars were clean, and skills>politics. So many clean cars, so many good drivers.


Ripped some old Doriten footage last night, 1st is ClubmanS from Vol. 7’s Ikaten 75. The FD is amazing, and the entry on the yellow 86=!!!!!:

This is just a quick shot of the Knight Magic Onevia from Vol. 11’s Ikaten 79. Wow gangster entry!

Last is just two quick JZX100 incar shots from the 2006 Rd6 D1SL at Ebisu, from StreetLegal Vol. 7. Sounds so yummy. the Chaser Daigo is driving is the same one for sale through Powervehicles!

And on an unrelated note, I got an interesting fortune today at lunch, given my current job situation 🙂