And people ask why it takes so long sometimes to reply :X

busybusy.jpgAnyways, here some goods

Winds Auto 走行会

Just some shots from Wednesday’s Winds Auto event at Nikko. Looks like fun!

The famous 1st corner dip! Done well here, by 3UP’s Mr. Mikam in his Kouki 14. His car is one of the few cars that I actually like the M-sports aero on. Their S15 aero looks tits, but never liked it much on anything else.


Kazama Auto JZX11, looking good as always.


Another money shot, this time 3Up’s stock turbo S14…but the SSR Minerva’s make it pop


Pit shots are always good, I think I enjoy them more than action shots…Minerva all over the place!


Here is a an old MSC video from Nikko…such a perfect track. Peep the Magician JZX110 and the amazing tripleD by SexyKnights!

New TecArts site

Tec Arts threw up their new website on monday. Lots of cool content, pics, and info. Check it out!

Their Street car is really slick. I’m not a fan of overfenders (OEM metal for life!), turbo 4ag, or GT wings on Corollas…but this car pulls it all off so well that I can’t help but dig it! I could deal with the 325ps the car produces 🙂




I’d have to say however, the car looks much better w/o the wing and canards:



I don’t know what it is, but there are a ton of nice Hakosuka Skylines on Yahoo right now. My fav is this slammed 1971 4door 2000GT, its going for around $23k. The mod list is long and includes a ton of Kameari parts (including a cross mission) and a R200 Diff:


hakosuka_6.jpg hakosuka_7.jpghakosuka_8.jpg

The next is another super clean Hakosuka. This one is a 1972 2000GT, looks fantastic on Hayashi’s. This one is super clean and is going for around $12k now but has a reserve set at $25k!


2000gt_2.jpg 2000gt_3.jpg

This last one, another 1972, is cool for obvious reasons. I’ll let the pics do the talking, but the Watanabe 9j & 10j 14inch wheels looks great. If only it was a bit lower! This one is going for just under $15k.



2008 season getting close

Man, the 2008 season is getting close! We have the ’08 ClubFR Drift Day schedule up, and it looks to be one of the best years yet! New, bigger tracks and better dates mean awesome fun for everyone. Two of the coolest tracks we will be able to run on this year are the road course layouts at Milwaukee Mile, and Gateway International Raceway! Its a shame I won’t be around to take part this year. The boys over in Japan are also gearing up for the season opener of the 2008 D1GP at Ebisu, I’m looking forward to the D1SL season more than anything to be honest. A few of the guys look like they are getting ready, Inose of Freind’s looks like he has some new work into his S15:inose_15.JPG

According to his blog, this is his Holinger 6speed sequin, and he says he has no money so he won’t be doing an overhaul…somehow I find that hard to swallow. The man has money coming out of his ears people!


Fukuda of Fluke also seems to be getting his tried and true 180SX ready as well! Only one more month to go!


Old video

I found some old video on my old pc, so I threw a couple of my favs up onto youtube. All made by Y’s. 1st is a cool video of the Dmax guys, music is Ellegarden.

2nd if of Tanaka’s YSF S14. Complete with Works9 aero and OG SSR Agle Minerva’s..oh so hot.

1ch’s new Onevia

These are some cool shots from Ichiyanagi’s blog showing his new 2008 D1 mobile. Looks like full Origin Stream aero, Type2 Origin Hood, Supermade headlight buckets, Dunlop RZF Wheels, lots of gussets and lots of power! On a side note, looks like Falken has dipped out of D1GP Japan and a bunch of previous Falken drivers will be making the switch to Dunlop this season. They are after all under the same parent company, Sumitomo. Anyways, best of luck to 1ch!



Wired Magazine

I tell people all the time, but I really think Wired is one of the best magazines out there right now. I love how I can pick it up, just flip it open, and there is an interesting read that isn’t like 10pages long. Anyways, I got the latest issue a few weeks ago and finally had some time to sit down and read most of it.


One of the articles that I found really interesting was one dealing with all those people around the net that love to “e-thug”. But the article deals with when things start to go too far, and it affects people outside of the game/forum. Click the pic above to go to the article, its a good read.

One of the games mentioned in the article, is one I had not heard of. Eve online, after looking into it, it looks cool and all but this video I found on youtube makes it look very interesting. That and the the JunkieXL song rocks!

Trueno Coupes

I’ve been falling deeper and deeper in love with Trueno Coupes the past few days. One that gets me hot and bothered if the Tec-Arts / Noise Maker car; now this is wheel fitment folks: 15×8.5 -47



Finding these videos of the Droo-P 300hp Nos powered Trueno coupe and Ueo’s all-motor Trueno hatch don’t help :

And Hibino’s Sunrise Levin coupe with 320hp S14 SR20, just makes it look too easy!

Some old cars

Shunichi Tomikuda was one of my favorite drivers back in the day, and his original TA63 Carina was just downright old school cool. I ran across the specs for the car on Tomikuda’s shop’s webpage, TS Factory. 3S-GT swap with TD-06 making 340PS, what’s interesting though, is the use of R32 GTR individual throttle bodies and surge tank! The car really is interesting, I’ll try and dig some video I know I have of it at Nikko


His car after the Carina, before he drove briefly in Kazama Auto’s S15, was this S13 Silvia.  You can NEVER go wrong with gold Advan RG and together with the blue, this car always looked amazing. Full v-mount with bottom mount T518Z turbine, even has Ikea Formula individual throttle bodies and surge tank along with all the customary Ikea Formula suspension arms and links. Wish this car was still around.