More Noise Maker NA

I got an email from the owner of the car, he sent me a crap load of pics! Starting with the car when he bought it:
This is how you depower a rack people. And rock a hardcore oil catch.873_5.jpg873_6.jpg

Drive it at the track some.


Remove cool lights…replace with cooler intake duct.


Track it some more


Take to Tec Arts and install Turbo


Then he sold it, and built this fine machine, you can see it in D1SL this year.



Only in Chicagoweatherei8.jpg

I don’t get how we have a high of 44 and a low of -7…all in a span of a few hours!?!? WTF!

Here is a nice pic of the lakefront, does it convey how cold this place is? Thanks Maggie for the snap


Daigo’s JZX100

Daigo Saito’s Fnats D1 JZX100 is for sale through Power Vehicles. YES PLEASE!

I had a chance to ride with Daigo at last years fall drift matsuri at Ebisu in his 2JZ T88 powered JZX90

Freinds JZX110 MarkII

I am so in love with this car, it isn’t even funny. 1200hp, runs 9second on the 1400, and drifts at Nikko…what else can do that?? Clean, its the name of the game folks. No gaudy stickers, just clean aero, clean wheels and a whole crapload of power.


1200hp, fully built 2jz with twin Nos wetshot, 1000cc injectors x6!


Twin Trust TD06 25g 8cm , Trust type C wastegate


Full Titan 4″ exhuast


The car uses a R200 diff out of a Silvia, along with a GTR OS Giken sequential.



Its just F’n insane. This video shows the 100 along with what looks like the Kazama Auto 110. They both sound intense! Good find Dave.

New Music!

Yuki’s Dad brought a few cd’s over from Japan a few days ago. One of the better ones is the new Rip Slyme, “Fun Fair”


They have an interesting sound, and just about every album they release, their sounds just gets better and better. My favorite track right now, “NP”

And the other, a single they released a while ago that happens to have a good video, “Nettaya”. Boobies and booties, I’m down!

I’m also ALWAYS on Pandora, and ran across Cyril Morin’s Western Pansori album. I’m a big fan of chill music and this album fit the bill. I found it on Amazon for $3 shipped, can’t go wrong with that. One of the reviews says it best, “If you like slick Hollywood sound tracks for recent spy films, psychological thrillers, mysteries, etc., you might very well enjoy most of this CD. It’s not the usual sort of music you hear outside of those venues with the large orchestra combined with electronic instruments, effects, and background sounds.”


Tokushima Cartland Drift Meet

To celebrate their 30th Anniversary Tokushima Kart Land held a drift meeting. Complete with D1 demo runs from the Benelop boys, Uuchi and Fujinaka and Fujio of Ryo.


Look at Uuchi’s turbo..I thought those were only for 2jz! The underhood treatment is spiffy as well!uuchi.jpg

And some video, I want to go! Both uphill and downhill look SO fun.

More Arios

I found more pics of the Noise Maker/ Tec Arts NA6, on his Minkara site. I’m so in love.



Wheel specs: SSR Mesh 8j -14 (15mm pcd changer spacer) / Impul Mesh 8j -22 (15mm pcd changer spacer)….thats INSANE roadster fitment folks!

HKS 35th

Here are a few really nice shots from the HKS 35th Anniversary day at Fuji Speedway. I didn’t realize until I read Okachan’s blog, but he has been running the Super 840 S15 for over 7 years!



dsc_7063.jpg dsc_7261.jpgdsc_6667.jpg

The car runs a 58.511 on Tsukuba

BTW, anyone get any dirt on the Endless GT300 Z33 vs the HKS CT230R??

So hot…wait WTF

I ran across this amazing looking ER34 GTS-T in Yahoo auctions yesterday, and it boggles my mind. The car has an extensive mod list, as you can see in the auction, and the exterior is beautiful. Clean champagne metallic paint, wide front and rear fenders, aero bonnet, GTR front bumper, clean gt wing, and the stunning 18×9/18×10 Advan RS in SBC. Gorgeous!34gts.jpg34gts2.jpg34gts3.jpg34gts4.jpgBut then, you scroll down, and this HITS you in the FACE!


HUH!? WTF just happened…how can you have such fantastic exterior execution and then do that? DOES NOT COMPUTE!


I love this aero by Arios for the NA roadster. This car looks to be part of team “Noise Maker”. I think I have wanted this aero for about 3-4 years now. No such aero for NB cars…too bad, so sad.


Here is Suzuki’s own demo car, 13b w/ Td06 widebody…droool


006.jpg 008.jpg004.jpg

2 years ago he switched up the car and went full carbon.


Here is the car being tested by the Hot Version staff in their drift special. All the drivers love the power, but say w/o the power steering the car doesn’t return to center fast enough. I don’t care, the car sounds fantastic!