NC Love

I have it:

Man, I’m such a dork and/or I just need to really get in the drivers seat soon….

I still drift, sorta…


or lets say 3 of them? I could handle a Chicago off season with this little setup in my room….

Full story and price over at Engadet.

Wired Magazine

I tell people all the time, but I really think Wired is one of the best magazines out there right now. I love how I can pick it up, just flip it open, and there is an interesting read that isn’t like 10pages long. Anyways, I got the latest issue a few weeks ago and finally had some time to sit down and read most of it.


One of the articles that I found really interesting was one dealing with all those people around the net that love to “e-thug”. But the article deals with when things start to go too far, and it affects people outside of the game/forum. Click the pic above to go to the article, its a good read.

One of the games mentioned in the article, is one I had not heard of. Eve online, after looking into it, it looks cool and all but this video I found on youtube makes it look very interesting. That and the the JunkieXL song rocks!

Video Game Food

Man I love Mario, and I love cupcakes. This person decided to combine the two, and it puts a smile on my face today!



Dork mode: ON

So my Dad got me Need for Speed: Pro Street for my bday a few weeks back. I was have been addicted to Call of Duty 4 and Portal so I have had nay a chance to play NFS. I decided to play for a few hours yesterday and see how it is. Gameplay: ok Graphics: ok Cars: awsome! It’s fun to make cars in this game, and the best part is the ability to customize the wheels. Single piece wheels have adjustable concavity and multi piece wheels are adjustable rim depth! YAY! And yes, I am going to post pics of the cars I made! ULTRA GEEK MODE: ON!

Concave 20″ TE37!


some others for fun

renderjsp.jpg s15green.jpg

And because I am in love with Origin Runduce’s EvoX:



The Force Unleashed, looks like it will be amazing. Check out the Teaser off of Game Videos.

I’m not a huge StarWars geek or anything, but I do enjoy me some fine Princess Leia now and again.

“The game takes place between Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and, according to Steve Sansweet, “has some incredible revelations.” The player assumes the role of “Darth Vader’s secret apprentice”. The player is sent across the galaxy to destroy the remaining Jedi. The story is both a continuation of the prequel trilogy – exploring the aftermath of Order 66 and focusing on the continued evolution of Darth Vader – and a direct bridge to the original films.”

On the gameplay side, it seems like A LOT of new game engines and physics will be used, cool. “The game will be using “Digital Molecular Matter” developed by Pixelux Entertainment for dynamically destructible objects, Havok for rigid body physics, a graphics engine developed by LucasArts in conjunction with Industrial Light & Magic and Euphoria developed by NaturalMotion. Pre-visualization demonstrations were shown at the LucasArts booth at E3 2006. The game will take place seven years after the rise of the Galactic Empire (as portrayed in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith), and allow players to control Force-users. Motion images seen to date highlight the engine’s use of Pixelux’s Digital Molecular Matter, showing Force-users utilizing telekinesis and Force lightning.


So all these people have been playing that damn Call of Duty 4….and I got sucked in hardcore! I wasn’t going to snag a PS3 really, but I have wanted a Blu-Ray player as of late and I guess this solved not only that problem but also my growing COD4 addiction.

For those of you who are looking to get one or anything else from Best Buy for that matter, they have a sweet promo going on right now. If you open a Best Buy card account and spend $499 and up you get 0% interest for 18months. This combined with the mail in rebate for 5 free Blu-Ray movies….decided my mind for me.

In other news: Had an awsome workout last night with Mike; Chest and Tri’s = sore today! Afterwords we went and had some delish hwe-dup-bop from Bowl House!