Back at it again with the in-car

Just some crappy driving from Final Bout: Special Stage Central this past July. The car is feeling good, but certainly need some more seat time to feel better pushing it harder.

Roadster Video Motivation

Some cool videos out of the guys at Nikko….makes me again regret never sending my NB to Japan when I moved there as I had originally planned.


Throwback…Sunday…ah who cares it’s been too long

Awesome video series Alexi has been putting up. Can see my weakness at 2:00 mark. The funny thing is, I distinctly remember seeing Alexi standing there film this while coming down the hill!

God, that was possibly my favorite turn at Ebisu….

AutoMass Round1

Hello all, that is if anybody is still there watching this!? As some of you may know, I am back in Chicago for now. Upon my return I was fortunate enough to be again thrust into the prep & logistical fun that is a drift event. This time around, was our 1st event on real Chicago soil. AutoMass Round1. Enjoy the video:

BM 2004

Thank you DW!


I could only dream to be able to build such a cool road, on my own property..

via Will’s blog:


“Project: Rod Millen must have one of the greatest driveways in the world. Over a mile long of twisting tarmac with some of his favorite features from courses and roads that he has raced – from around the globe. Now in its second year, the Leadfoot Festival is Rod’s celebration of speed – on his own driveway with his friends, family, and invited top drivers. This :90 spot was made to promote the 2012 festival.”

Where my head was this past weekend

Not in Hawaii, that is for sure;

Keith and Dave @ ECB. Lookin good boys!

More shots from E-course

You can check the full album on my Flickr here, and I have included a few of my favorites for you to enjoy here:

Yes, they are welding using jumper cables and a truck battery!

Again, you can check out the full set on Flickr

The Last Soukoukai

As some of you may have heard, I have decided to leave my current teaching position and in turn will also be leaving Japan. Amid all the craziness that is trying to tie up loose ends here, my friends threw a private event at Meihan’s E-course a few weeks back as a final send off. We had the entire track to ourselves and at only 20 or so cars, we had plenty of seat time. As always I was able to capture a bit of video:

As you can see, it is much like the more famous C-course on straight but overall a bit slower on the entry. I had A LOT of drive time this day and it was a great final send off for the car. No issues and no problems despite me driving it fairly hard at least a few times a month. Sad to see it go but sometimes you just have to move on right? It will be hard leaving all the great friends I have made via the car life here. That being said, I will be back to Japan now and then and you can bet I will be driving something, somewhere, somehow when I do visit. This isn’t the end of the blog either, so keep me on your bookmark list and/or reader and check back from time to time!

Non in-car video

Odd seeing the car driving from the outside! This was a really fun day:

Spotted this morning over at C’s posted by Adam.