Lost scans found, #3

Kuroi was a cool cat. I had dinner with him and a few others after TAS 2010 last year, just weeks before his fatal scooter accident. RB26 on 195/55-15 is super og!

Lost scans, found #2

Still love the FC. I still dream of building a certain black one one day….

Lost scans, found #1

Getting ready to wipe my work laptop clean, I found some old scans that I had taken at some point. I will start with some JZX110 goodness:


AVS love

2 Fc’s and a 32

BM circa Oct. 2002

More Ito

I need to get back on my scanning game, to start off, Ito Style Trueno coupe turbo in signature red:

Roadster 保護区 (File10)

I know it’s been a minute since I tossed one of these up, and I still need to catch up so here goes File 10 of Doriten’s Roadster Sanctuary. This time around is a decent looking black NA that has a fair bit under the hood.

In place of the ho-hum 1.8, this car is powered by a 2L BP motor that breathes via a 4throttle setup. Rods are from Maruha, and pistons are sourced from Male. Together with Tomei cams and the AE101 throttle bodies, the Freedom ECU and Integral Kobe header I am sure this thing moves.

Shoes are nice Equip 03’s. 14×8 -13 front & 15×9 +7 rear. Full AeroMaster aero together with front & rear Arios wide fenders give it the drift car look.

Footwork is comprised of Silk Road coilovers paired with RS-R spring that are on the heavy side; 16k front / 14k rear. Angle is handled by 5mm rack spacer as well as a modified knuckle. Apparently the arms themselves are also worked, to keep binding, rubbing and the like to a minimum.

Overall a really cool car imho. I’ve never been a huge fan of NA powered NA chassis but if I were to build one this seems to be just about right. Enjoy the full scan!

December 2002

Roadster 保護区 (File9)

November’s Roadster Sanctuary is a car I have posted here a few times. Nagasaka’s pink NB has been under my radar for some time for a few reasons. Namely, his past builds have been quite nice and I want to see what he has in store for this project.


One of the cooler features of this car are the 15×7.5 +5 Precidio Demon Cambers sprayed black all around. Power is kept simple and low with the only add-ons for the 1.8 6speed being the ARC super intake chamber and intake box along with an Apexi N1 catback.


In the footwork section the car only has the basics; Rebuilt Tein Flex, Kaaz LSD. Angle is taken care of by only a simple set of iConcept steering rack spacer.


While nothing more than a dropped NB on decent wheels, I look forward to what this car will become in the near future. With plans calling for a repaint and various other changes, I am very looking forward to seeing this car next year. Enjoy the full scan!


Roadster 保護区 (File8)

It’s been quite some time since I scanned one of these articles. I have a stock of them waiting for me to stop being lazy and post up. So I start with one from a few months ago. File 8 is a local NA that I have actually seen at Meihan a few times.


As you can see it’s been kept super simple, with only a Tuckin’99 lip and 14×8 -1 front, +10 rear SSR mesh.


Engine mods have been kept to near zero, with only the basic intake, header and one off 46φ muffler made by local shop, T-welding. Power from the 1.6 is likely only around 100hp. But where power is low, the Maruha 4.8 final paired with the Mazdaspeed LSD are sure to keep rpms high wheels spinning.


Footwork again is kept simple. Buddyclub coilovers with 8k/6k rate springs. Angle is improved with a redrilled oem knuckle. I can tell you seeing this car run is fun, and the driver has been drifting roadsters for nearly 12years..so you know he can drive well. Be sure to check out the full scan below and look for more of these as I try and catch up! Cheers.