Wood Village – Kuni S30

Sit back, turn up the volume, and enjoy a 370hp 3.2L L28 attached to a HKS sequential box breaking the 2min mark at Sendai Highland:





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I could only dream to be able to build such a cool road, on my own property..

via Will’s blog:


“Project: Rod Millen must have one of the greatest driveways in the world. Over a mile long of twisting tarmac with some of his favorite features from courses and roads that he has raced – from around the globe. Now in its second year, the Leadfoot Festival is Rod’s celebration of speed – on his own driveway with his friends, family, and invited top drivers. This :90 spot was made to promote the 2012 festival.”

2012 DB7 GT3

No words needed, just your eyes:

Thanks to Jon for the always cool posts.



F1 2010…

has to be one of the best seasons in the bast few years. Nail biter right down to the end. I had my hopes up for Webber, seeing as I feel like it was his last chance, but just goes to show why RedBull has built their program around Vettel.

RTL GP F1 Year Clip 2010 from zwoemba on Vimeo.

Axis of Oversteer said it best; “Vettel has been driving since he was three years old and was put under contract by RedBull at age nine, a fourteen year investment by a company that fourteen years ago was not even in F1. Red Bull steered Sebastian through junior formulas including that great formula 1 petri dish that was Formula BMW. A massive investment that has paid out big in 2010, well done. A shame for Webber, a bit like Massa two years ago, this year was likely his best shot.”

Rubbin’s racin’

If you follow V8 Supercars at all, you already have seen this video I am sure. If not, enjoy some of the best racing you will see for awhile. In the lead is defending series champ Jamie Whincup being hounded by series rookie Shane Van Gisbergen.

If you don’t follow V8 Supercars, you should. It’s like Nascar but actually interesting.

I’m no Evo guy but

Stance/TF Works’ ’10 RL Time Attack entry is looking damn fine in my books. Let it run like wind boys! Best of luck to the team for the rest of the season!

Must have

TAG Heuer Monaco 24

“Custom built in industrial-grade tungsten, the three arrows of the oscillating weight echoes a GT car’s chrome mags. The TAG Heuer MONACO 24 Concept Chronograph features the iconic blue and orange livery of Gulf Oil. The TAG Heuer MONACO 24 Concept Chronograph is water resistant to 100 meters and features an anti-reflective double-sided treatment on the curved sapphire scratch-resistant crystal glass.”

Team Driftpro

Congrats go out to Taka for his effort in 2009. Best of luck to you in ’10!

Team Driftpro

Kei offroad

So still not caught up here..but anyways. The Sunday before I started back teaching I had some free time and ran up to a local shop called High Bridge 4×4.  For the full set of pics, check here! Along as a full service shop for all your off-road needs, they have a huge playground in back. So a few of my freinds with Suzuki Jimny’s came out and we all played for a bit.


It was actually the 1st time I ever tried driving anything offroad, and it is much more complicated and downright freaky than I thought. Being a car that is sitting at a 45 degree angle to the ground just didn’t feel right….


I managed not to roll…but a few rolled more than once. As you can tell by the looks of the trucks it doesn’t really matter when they do though. We would just push it back right side up and they would keep on going. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had an awesome time.


I for sure found yet another thing I want to spend all my money on. Luckly these things are cheap to snag and are tough as nails. I need a daily anyway….


For the full set of pics I snapped, be here to check here!

Kansai Allstars Part 3

So this end the coverage of the Kansai Allstar event. There is already talk of next years event so I know myself and many others are looking forward to it. To close, just wanted to toss up the small number of pics I took at the event. Click here to view the full set.


More updates soon…I’m still not up to date!