Hiroshima tease

Finally got a chance to drive down to Hiroshima, a place I have always wanted to visit. Here is a tease for an upcoming 2-3 part update!

Meihan E-course

Most of you are familiar with Meihan’s C-course, but there is also E-course. There is an upcoming track day there with some buddies, hope I can make it:

Makes me miss mine


I need you in my life again:

But silver again…or some bronze this time…hrmmmm


Tim was kind enough to drive up from Osaka to drop off some things. The 15 looks good as ever…


Said things included 17×9.5 rears for me to have fun with.


Sad it wasn’t as much fun for me to drive as it is to look at.


I don’t pretend to be very good, but of course when I throw a video up I edit it to make myself feel better and have you all think I’m a rad kinda dude. But lets be honest, your not pushing hard enough if your not hitting things or spinning and such. I grabed some close calls (since I never managed to crash) from a few track days.

Marvel at my horrid handle work. This is why I hate RHD haha. I did similar things in LHD but my hands never looked that retarded…enjoy!

Good Feels

Cool video I peeked from Alexi from this summer Matsuri. Really captures the feeling of the weekend. And you can see me for a microsecond at 2:08 at North course.

This car is sold, btw……seeing this makes me want to drive badly.

One more day of Summer…

Spent at the beach! After a LONG 1st week back to work it was time for some fun. Headed to the beach with Masa and co along with a flatbed full of jet ski’s:

mini-beachtime09 062

I had never been to this beach before, but it was just a quick hour and a half or so drive from my place. Still in Kyoto prefecture, looking out onto the Japan Sea

mini-beachtime09 041

Another full day of alcohol and motorized vehicles ensued. Good times were had; skin was burt; and waves proved to be hard on the body (so I felt the next day…). I took the chance as we were getting ready to leave to snap some cool shots of the 15 with a seldom seen backdrop:



And I dont know why, but I like this last shot…car just looks cool for some reason:


On a side note…this may be some of the last shots I ever take of this car…

More Suzuka

After the trip to Miyazaki I had some work to do, but just before school started up again I had a day or two free. I decided to head back to Suzuka since I had a ton of tires left over from Ebisu. So I made the quick trek over to Suzuka Twin only to find I was going to be the only one on track!

I spent most of the day practicing mid drift upshifts and such, but overall it was good to just be able to relax and get a solid 3 hours of track time in at my own pace. The video is nothing special, but if you compare to my previous video from Twin you can see (I hope) that I am feeling a bit more comfortable in the car.

Kansai Allstars Part 3

So this end the coverage of the Kansai Allstar event. There is already talk of next years event so I know myself and many others are looking forward to it. To close, just wanted to toss up the small number of pics I took at the event. Click here to view the full set.


More updates soon…I’m still not up to date!