New leather

Finally ditched the old seat and picked up this leather solo seat…but I passed on the springs to keep it low. Stoked with how it looks for now. Next up are new bars and tank paint. For some reason this seat change has made this thing SO much more fun to ride. Might be the kick-up in the rear keeps me in place better? Don’t know don’t care lets ride

New Pipes…finally

I was finally able to get some time to throw the new Vance & Hines Short Shots on. I am not a huge fan of chrome, and I at first Scotch-Bright polished the tips. It gave it a nice stainless look, however I decided to just paint it all black along with the black exhaust wrap. I am super happy with how it turned out, and am happy that now there is space for the passenger foot pegs so the lady can ride too.

State of the HD

Just wanted to document the bike as it sits now….before I take the knife to it here shortly:

The only thing I’ve done since getting it was remove the front fender. New pipes, 1st on the list over the weekend along with passenger pegs and pillion so the lady can join in on the fun.

New wheels…only 2 this time.

So I’ve finally gotten something fun here in Hawaii:

2010 Forty-Eight with some decent work already done. I plan on tearing it about a bit here shortly, but have just been enjoying the ride as much as I can. Why didn’t I get one of these earlier!?

Go Ape

Another notable Forty Eight

Do want

This Forty Eight looks just right. Room for just me, myself and I.

Such clean controls, fantastic.


Having not been able to drive anything remotely fun for the past 7 months has been tough. So this past month I got around to getting my bike licence. Before buying anything I plan to rent a few bikes to see what kind of ride I like. This past weekend I rented my 1st, the Harley Davidson Forty-Eight.

I’ve never been a huge fan of HDs but thought I would give this one a try. I really like the classic look, fat front tire and under bar mirrors:

We spend the day roaming around the island, and since it was actually my 1st time spending more than a few minutes on a bike it was a great learning experience.

The peanut tank looks awesome, but hold next to nothing inside so I had to fill it up twice before returning it. Shifting gears was nice and precise, but the clutch was a bit heavy. Maybe just something normal for these bikes.

As a rule, the place I rented from installs pipes on all their bikes as a “safety measure” but I had to say the sound of the 1200cc was awesome and despite not being super fast was really a joy to rev out and listen to. In the coming weeks I plan to rent a few other bikes. Really looking forward to it, but really could use a good drift car about now 🙁

Two wheel transport

Here is Japan having some form of bike is really convient. You can pass cars on the left and get up to lights 1st, and bypass most traffic. If I had a bike or some sort I could likley get to work in under 30mins, easy. So, I have been looking into getting a small scooter or similar bike. Anything under 50cc I don’t have to get a licence for so I want to stay there, its slow, but cheap. I started looking around and found some cool Honda Apes and such and even thought about a Zoomer (Ruckus). I used Masa’s boss’ Ape awhile back and it was loads of fun. But I ran across this cool deal from EasyRiders:




They are available in 50, 110 and 125cc. I can’t wait to rull up to school in my suit sitting on this little thing. Gonna be classic! 

Todays HD

Watch HD fullscreen…just make sure your sitting down…Ratatat x Björk

Awesome wallride at 1:26!!!

Rat Rod Bikes

I’ve been wanting to get a bike, mainly to run errands around town that a bit to far to walk but a tad too close to drive. But I can’t just roll on a normal thing…no way no how. So I may try and build and/or buy something cool. I’ve been looking around on ratrodbikes for some ideas. Here are a few of my favorites.









Obviously some of the more extreme ones are less than practical, but this is the style I’ll be shooting for.

I want to roll through town like so: