This one shot…

So many possibilities. Why does this photo captivate me so much?

This is THE track I was never able to get on, and that will bug me for a while:

Lost scans found, #3

Kuroi was a cool cat. I had dinner with him and a few others after TAS 2010 last year, just weeks before his fatal scooter accident. RB26 on 195/55-15 is super og!

2 Fc’s and a 32

BM circa Oct. 2002

Kansai Allstars Part 3

So this end the coverage of the Kansai Allstar event. There is already talk of next years event so I know myself and many others are looking forward to it. To close, just wanted to toss up the small number of pics I took at the event. Click here to view the full set.


More updates soon…I’m still not up to date!

9min 10seconds of joy

Big thanks for s0apgun for throwing this up….this seriously just made my day.

So many awesome sounds….I don’t even need to watch to know what car is what..ahh the old days!

Another Interesting Sale

Not a car this time, but might as well be!? All the aero off of Tezuka’s BeeR32.4 beeronlineshopping-img589x600-1235628714f0lgj745638.jpg

And I also ran across this nice little video of the Kid’s Heart twins (Team Freedom) having some fun at a recent event at Motorland Mikawa: 

In other news

I have too many computers on my desk now…. 


I also  finally got all the GT-R coffee choro-q! yesss Together with my Mario Kart collection. I’m not a dork I swear.


The turning point

So in regards to my “Remember when” post, someone asked “so when did D1 go to crap, for you?”. I didn’t have to think very hard, and if you used to watch every D1 round like I used to you likely feel the same way I did, or at least recall this.

2004 D1 @ Ebisu, a little know driver to most, Hibino wows fans and judges with his amazing speed and angle into the 1st turn. Up through the ranks, he meets Nomuken in the best 16. The 1st round Hibino has room for a pass and goes for it, Nomuken however sees that Hibino is going to be able to make the pass…and promptly corrects and turns into the 86 (knocking off the Skylines front bumper & the 86’s rear). It is evident in the in-car footage that this was intentional, however they are told to run one more time. The video above is the “one more time” and as you can see, Hibino clearly wipes the floor with Nomuken. It was clear to everyone who won…but there is a lot of talk in the judges stand..they even take off their headsets and mic so viewers can’t hear the conversation. They make a decision, but clearly Orido isn’t happy with it, he looks pissed. Nomuken moves on. This one round, in the top16 of the 2004 season changed D1 for me. In fact I think it also affected Orido, as he soon after announced he would stop judging and would compete in his Supra.

Laurel time?

Although I love the JZX110, I also wonder about getting something a little less common. I’ve always liked the lines of the C35 Laurel, and I was looking through a few used car sites for them. I ran across this one, it would be so perfect…outside is nice and simple, nothing but a front lip and big wheels with a sick low stance. Perfect for touge:


Just a lip on an oem bumper with oem aero package all around….so my style! Awesome fitment on the Advan RS as well, just adds to the whole street style of this HUGE car. This one is down in Osaka so I may run down and peep it this weekend!?


But the best part is under the hood:


BAM! Freshly rebuilt RB26 using twin HKS GT2530 along with cams and various other mods. According to the car’s fs page, this makes over 500hp. I could deal with that. As you can see it also seems spot-welded. Low key with 500hp…Yes please

R32 goods

Two quick video I saw over on J-Enko, awesome find Xavier!

No, I am not a school teacher that does the same thing at night…….