Back at it again with the in-car

Just some crappy driving from Final Bout: Special Stage Central this past July. The car is feeling good, but certainly need some more seat time to feel better pushing it harder.

AE86 Project: Part 1

In summer of 2014 it had been over 4 years since being in Japan, and somehow, I had survived without a car for fun the entire time. Taking part in Final Bout in the late summer of 2014 as a judge really gave me the bug – and I was determined that in 2015 I would not just watch, but jump in and drive. The feeling of standing on the sidelines in 2014 was something I did not want to repeat. In late fall of 2014 I began to realize, I needed some sort of project in my life, not just a turn-key car. After much thought, going between another Roadster or maybe a simple s-chassis, I decided to build a Corolla. Not the cheapest or easiest route by any means, but it was something I had wanted to do for many years. I had been looking for the right chassis for a few months, and finally decided on a SR-5 chassis located a few hours from Chicago. It had been stripped down and painted but with all the parts in boxes, even GT-S parts for the conversion. I originally decided against it for a time, but after finalizing the direction for the drive-train of the car, found it to be the best option. Once thing that I knew from the start; the car would need to remain in Chicago and be built there, while I was stranded in Honolulu some 4,000 miles away.


One of the things that I am always thankful for, is our amazing community in Chicago and the Midwest. With a few phone calls and texts, long-time friends Proceed agreed to run and pick up the car and as many of the related parts they could fit in the car.


It was a cold, snowy day in central Illinois – and there were some challenges not planned for in getting it home, but they made it happen and I am so very grateful and thankful. This is why I love drifting; everyone is out to help and keep the spirit alive.


Prior to the pickup of the car, my longtime friends and go-to shop TF-Works had agreed to take this project on. Without being able to wrench on the car myself, there was no other place I would rather have doing the work on this project. So after a few weeks of storage with the Proceed gents while awaiting a slot to open up at the shop, I was able to have the car moved and the real work began….


AutoMass Round1

Hello all, that is if anybody is still there watching this!? As some of you may know, I am back in Chicago for now. Upon my return I was fortunate enough to be again thrust into the prep & logistical fun that is a drift event. This time around, was our 1st event on real Chicago soil. AutoMass Round1. Enjoy the video:

Hello there

Car is looking good, maybe cleaner than I ever was able to get it? Miss you

See you soon.

Back in Japan

but not any healthier:

Back into my groove here, so expect more normal updates from here on out!

On a jet plane


Heading to the states for the holidays. Been over 8 months without any airtravel, and it’s been nice but I need some time away from this country. Will do some driving in Cali, betting in Vegas and you know plenty of eating along the way and in Chicago.

It’s a long story…..

But you all have time, don’t you. So in late 2007, shortly before I moved to Japan, I helped long time friend Keith pick up a clean Cressida chassis that was local to me in Chicago. I knew the build was going to long, and done correctly so I have been following it closely. As soon as he got the car back to Minnesota, the tear down began:

Ryan, who now works out west at HotLine, made an amazing cage for the car. And you can see the MarkII front end coming along…..and oh hi cool Sparco 18s!

And of course the needed powers to make some of that smokey stuff out the rear end:

He got some fancy-smanshy fiberglass that nobody has ever seen since this picture! But thats ok, I’m not one for multicolored cars myself either:

Of course the interior got a tad on the crazy side too, full interior race cars….come on that just sounds funny folks!

A bit more fab work, included some custom pipe for the noise maker under the hood, and some custom pipe our front to push those pesky hay bales and Roto brothers out of the way:

Of course after all that hard work (over 2 years of it!) you gotta take the beast out for some testing. Amid some minor engine issues the car starting to get a good amount of track time, and more importantly Keith was getting seat time again!

Of course, I know your all wondering how this thing sounds. Wonder no more:

Congrats Keith, glad to see your project finally coming to an end…sort of. Can’t wait to see how she looks next spring after some shiny stuff and some final wrapping up of loose ends.

Back in action

So you may or may not have know, since I never posted it here. But I sold my NB earlier this year while in Chicago to long time driver pal, Phil.

It was really hard to let go, but it went to a good home and I was happy at the prospect of it being used again for what I built it for. Since it’s heyday a lot of the parts were sold of it, so getting her back into proper form was going to be no easy feat. No cage, bucket, front mount, or even wheels remotely cool. But in no time, she was back up and running strong.

I was super stoked to see it out again. Sure it was odd, but you know what…strange as it sounds…it was like seeing a child out on its own (not that I truly know how THAT feels) doing well. For reasons unknown however, the motor decided to let go soon after it got going again and it sat awhile longer again…

After a little break, Phil got her going again with a new (used) BP long block and some help from a few of those ever so down to help Chicago folk. And just in time for the last event of the ClubFR Season at USAIR thankfully.

It was also cool to see the 15×8 KF’s I originally sent back to Chicago for Simba‘s fit make their way onto my old car. Can’t wait to see the car after the planned work over winter, and maybe even the chance to drive her again at some point in the future! Keep the rubber side down Phill!

I’m no Evo guy but

Stance/TF Works’ ’10 RL Time Attack entry is looking damn fine in my books. Let it run like wind boys! Best of luck to the team for the rest of the season!

Last few days in the Chi

So lets get caught up. I headed up to Madison for the New Years with M&C as well as Maggie to chill with Phill. He was spinning at a local Cigar bar, Maduro, so we all headed there for the countdown. It was super kickback and a welcome change from the typical drunk-laden parties most bars promise.

The following morning Phill took us to a cool breakfast spot at the Madison regional airport, Jet Room. I opted for the eggs benedict smothered in gravy, rather than the normal hollandaise. A highly recommended variation.

Back down in Chicago, I spent many a night at the GG house wasting time playing Call of Duty MW2. On the weekend however the ladies of the group decided to make up some food and have a little get-together for, among other reasons, John’s bday. Calories were plentiful no doubt.

And as one last hurrah before the 24hr marathon of flights, layovers, delays, crying babies and the like….I had one last jem; the Jonnie’s beef combo:

I did also have time to run to the storage locker and visit the black cars. The cleanest FC in the world is, well, still freaking clean, and my NB started right up after having sat for nearly 2 years. Impressive. As a side note (and a sad one) both of these cars are for sale. Get at me if you are interested.

’till next time; stay classy Chicago