Where my head was this past weekend

Not in Hawaii, that is for sure;

Keith and Dave @ ECB. Lookin good boys!

Lost scans, found #1

Getting ready to wipe my work laptop clean, I found some old scans that I had taken at some point. I will start with some JZX110 goodness:

It’s a long story…..

But you all have time, don’t you. So in late 2007, shortly before I moved to Japan, I helped long time friend Keith pick up a clean Cressida chassis that was local to me in Chicago. I knew the build was going to long, and done correctly so I have been following it closely. As soon as he got the car back to Minnesota, the tear down began:

Ryan, who now works out west at HotLine, made an amazing cage for the car. And you can see the MarkII front end coming along…..and oh hi cool Sparco 18s!

And of course the needed powers to make some of that smokey stuff out the rear end:

He got some fancy-smanshy fiberglass that nobody has ever seen since this picture! But thats ok, I’m not one for multicolored cars myself either:

Of course the interior got a tad on the crazy side too, full interior race cars….come on that just sounds funny folks!

A bit more fab work, included some custom pipe for the noise maker under the hood, and some custom pipe our front to push those pesky hay bales and Roto brothers out of the way:

Of course after all that hard work (over 2 years of it!) you gotta take the beast out for some testing. Amid some minor engine issues the car starting to get a good amount of track time, and more importantly Keith was getting seat time again!

Of course, I know your all wondering how this thing sounds. Wonder no more:

Congrats Keith, glad to see your project finally coming to an end…sort of. Can’t wait to see how she looks next spring after some shiny stuff and some final wrapping up of loose ends.

Lets get caught up shall we

I have a good number of pictures I never thew up here from over this past summer. The 1st are some from my day at Bihoku (video here) on a beautiful July day. Here are just a few, be sure to check out the full gallery on Flickr:

Hey KaizoPhoto

What are you waiting for


BM Scans

Finally got the scanner up and running after moving to Windows7. These two circa November & December 1999. 10 years cooler to the month!




81 Love

Back on the 81 kick…so awesome




If you know me, then you know I’ve loved 81’s since…forever. Maybe this is whats next….?

Kansai Allstars Part 3

So this end the coverage of the Kansai Allstar event. There is already talk of next years event so I know myself and many others are looking forward to it. To close, just wanted to toss up the small number of pics I took at the event. Click here to view the full set.


More updates soon…I’m still not up to date!

Meihan Roots

BM Hai 2000 Kansai

Track looks so scary! Not even paved out to the wall into the 1st corner.