Album of the Week

Easily Embarrassed: Planet Discovery

Fav Track;

Album of the week

Random Album Title: Deadmau5

Fav Track;

A nice thing about a 240…

I can fit 6 wheels w/ tires no problem:

P.S. Anybody looking for a cheap set of 18/17 Work XD9? $650+shipping!

P.S.S. I found some decent new metal the other day. Their newer album keeps me going at the gym, and the older ones ain’t all bad either:

Turn it up

Way up…some recent things been listening to:


oh and speaking of Tron….this looks like it might actually be decent!?


All up on Tanaka’s blog lol

See you soon in Japan sir!

and song o the day: Live Hifana



Hard sounds

3L’s recent post of some HARD beats got me remembering Bar 9….sometimes dirty is damn good!

Honestly though, I could post Bar 9 all freaking day…I’ve not found a track I didn’t like as of yet. If your into these 3 be sure to dig deeper. Going back to my previous post about og stuff I used to listen to, I have to post up the song that got me into electronic music. I never owned the game, and only played it a few times, but for some reason on my Jr. High school trip down to St. Louis (thats like…’97!?) I picked up the WipeoutXL soundtrack and started bumping it on the bus all the way back to Chicago. One track always stood out:

God only know how many times I’ve heard this track…but it never gets old for me. Such a sick sound by Photek…and be sure to check them out more if you like this track.

Recent Music

Hiro’s recent post reminded me that I picked up the Capsule album a few weeks ago. It’s a decent one and the song that snagged me was this one:

I also have been listening to a lot of og electronic stuff. Of course you can’t say og electronic and not think Prodigy:


New beats

A co-worker tossed me two albumbs of K’Naan’s, one track I digg:

And another

2009 MSC

MSC recently put out their 2009 schedule. I am for sure going to try and make the April 26th round at Suzuka Twin as well as the Meihan round in October. I may also try and get to the YZ event, but that place scared me! Time to get either get this 15 figured out or get a new car!


In other news: I have been listening to this great net radio station a lot recently, Buzzoutroom. I tuned in and heard this Tycho track I had never heard before, and it became a favorite of mine instantly.



Thanks for the calender mom. These two rock


And really, nothing is better than having an old tractor in your band…I mean seriously