Garage Vary ND5RC


Garage Vary’s car for TAS this year was a nice surprise, among all of the overdone wide kits that were so prevalent. I absolutely love the hood and the front fenders.


Moving to the rear of the car is where I start to lose the warm and fuzzy feeling, but it might just be the Work Seekers that just ruin it for me. Sorry, just have never been a fan of this style wheel on a sports car.  The rear bumper with the openings don’t flow well with any of the lines on the rear of the car, but here too, I’ve never been a fan of vents behind the rear wheel arch. Surprisingly, I really like the wing.


Just say no to useless dual exhausts.

ロド天2014 JETSTREAM編

Want level of NC is increasing per minute…

must try and resist for ND!

2016 ND Chassis MX-5

So, the wait was long. Dig as I could Mazda did an AMAZING job of keeping this car under wraps until the official unveil last week. The more I look, the more I like….and have a feeling I’ll be placing an order when I can. More than the modern looks and interior (finally!), the lower weight and balance should be amazing. Mid-ship FR? Yes please. 2200lbs? Yes please. At first I was a bit unsure on how I felt…however this render from Jon had me hooked on the potential of this car’s looks…lets just hope when they announce the power plant we are still in the game….



Now onto the Mazda released shots:ND_Side ND_Rear ND_Interior ND_Front ND_Chassis

Random Roadster #32

Murakami-san’s nice little NA. Normally not into cars like this, but it all comes together well. Trying to ignore the wheels though…


Murakami Rear

Random Roadster #31

That Voltex. Those fenders. That clue.


Roadster Video Motivation

Some cool videos out of the guys at Nikko….makes me again regret never sending my NB to Japan when I moved there as I had originally planned.


New NC2 Aero

Always on the lookout for new NC aero..I have been watching the development of this new bumper for the NC2 from Vary. I was skeptical when the 1st mold came out:


But, now that they have completed, and painted (dark thankfully), I think it turned out well.




One of the very few options for the NC2. Just hope a decent side might be made to match…

Random Roadster #30






Random Roadster(s) #29

jetstreampitsJetStream looking good…..

Random Roadster #28

That Joyfast NCEC…has me leaning towards this chassis over an NA….