Turn it up

Way up…some recent things I.ve been listening to:


oh and speaking of Tron….this looks like it might actually be decent!?


I remember reading DC’s Watchmen back when I mas much younger and still collecting comic books. I recall it was a good, but I think I didn’t really fully understand it. As I’m sure most of you know, the movie adaptation of the graphic novel is set to release March 6th 2009. Take a look at the trailer if you have not already, I do recommend watching it in HD.

Watchmen – Trailer 1 (V.O.) from Dyaus on Vimeo..

In addition to wanting to read the comics again, I ran across a new podcast on iTunes put out by DC. They have taken the novel and animated it in conjunction with a voice over. You can get the “motion comic” for free via iTunes download.

Speaking of future films, I was happy to find out that Phillip K. Dicks novel Ubik (possibly my favorite of his) appears to be making its way to the big screen by the same folk that produced A Scanner Darkly (another of Dick’s novels). I am looking forward to it 🙂


I my way to work this morning on Area33 I heard a song that brought me WAY back. Memories of highschool, college and a bunch of good times.

In other news, while looking for some pictures yesterday I ran across some sick Stagea pics:

The Dear Motorsports Stagea truck with R34 GTR face:



And the Talow / Car Season Stagea. This car was on the cover of the 2006 December Doriten. I love it!



Some more Osaka Automesse

I just updated the Origin Blog with some pics and such from last weekend’s Osaka Auto Messe, you can check it here. I really am starting to warm up to the new Urban ER34 stream aero…


Last night I had a chance to watch Paprika on Blu-ray. While I did not enjoy it as much as Tekkonkinkreet, the images portrayed as dreams were amazing and I think those alone make the film worth a view or two. It is a much deeper storyline that takes some actual effort to fully understand, but I do recommend this one!


And the new video from Octane TV, this episode was my rival this past season in the ClubFR MWC. Congrats to Brian and best of luck in 2008!

Anime & Rotarys

So I used to be a huge anime nerd, like back in Jr. High. Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell, stuff like that. I was never a fan of the fluffy crap, I more liked the adult themed, dark film noir stuff. A while ago I read about Tekkonkinkreet, a new movie made in Japan but directed by an American, Michael Arias. So last night while browsing at Boarders I ran across the Blu-ray and decided I needed it, I also picked up the Blu-ray of Paprika but have yet to watch it.


I enjoyed the movie thoroughly, its visual style, its story, and its depth all were amazing. Since I’m not one with words, I’ll let a review from IMDB do the dirty work.

“A moralistic fairy tale set in modern day. Brothers Black and White are orphans and run the streets of Treasure Town, doing what Cats do best, stealing and running. The Yakuza show up and start causing concern. Leaving little Black and sort out the situation. It is unbelievable how good this film is. Nuanced interesting characters are a vehicle for a over arching moral diatribe on cities, the people in them, and how we all deal with each other.”

I also ran across some old pics of when we 1st got the FC. Makes me really wish it wasn’t 10degrees outside 🙁



A Scanner Darkly

Over the weekend, on a whim, I picked up the Blu-Ray for A Scanner Darkly.


I did this for two reasons: 1)it is based on the novel by the same name written by Phillip K. Dick who’s other works to film include Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, and Paycheck. All films I enjoy. 2) The visual style of the film looked interesting, the film was shot with normal methods, but then in a process that took 18months to complete, the entire film was given a rotoscoping treatment to give the look of animation. Here is an example of a before and after:


I ended up enjoying the film so much, I went out and bought the book. I read that the book is far better than the film, so we shall see. While I was looking around the store, I ran across Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. I have always heard that this book was WAY better than the film and that the vision painted by the character Tyler is expanded on much more. Fight Club is easily one of my favorite movies, so I decided to grab the book as well. I just started reading it, and within the 1st few chapters I would say 75% of the quotes from the movie are already used. It’s getting good!



Simply put, this movie is fantastic. I recommend you all go see it, and enjoy this amazing “feel good movie”.


Also saw Cloverfield last weekend, simply put this movie is garbage. DO NOT SEE IT! You will puke and loose a precious few hours of your life.


Pizza and THE movie

Last night Yuki, Earl, Dave, Eric, Kat, and I went to grab some fine food and a flick after a hard days work. For dinner, Pequod’s fine deep dish. I feel safe in saying that this pizza is the best in Chicago, and well worth braving the insane cold weather! It’s all in the crust…caramelized cheese crust!Large Sausage/Mushroom/Onion/Black Olive


After filling up, we headed over to the Music Box to catch the showing of Blade Runner: Final Cut. I talked about the movie in a post last week, but in short: I really love this movie, on so many levels.

The Music Box:


I’ve never been to any type of theater but newer styles, but it was interesting watching the movie here. The place dates way way back: ” The Music Box Theatre opened on August 22, 1929, a time when the movie palaces in downtown Chicago had seating capacities of around 3000 people. The Music Box, which sat 800, was considered an elaborate little brother to those theatres. Theatre Architecture Magazine noted in 1929 that the theatre “represents the smaller, though charming and well equipped, sound picture theatre which is rapidly taking the place of the ‘deluxe’ palace”.”

Blade Runner

I remember watching Blade Runner many years ago, I enjoyed the story but being just as old as I am, it was hard to watch since the quality was low compared to the likes of Jurassic Park and similar movies of my childhood.

I picked up the new 5 disk Blu-Ray set last night and had a chance to watch the “Final Cut” in all its glory. Not only is the sound and picture amazing, but the reworked edit seems to do the film more justice compared to the theatrical release. It odd to see Harrison Ford look so young, but have the movie look as though it was make recently. Same goes for Daryl Hannah and Rutger Hauer.

*edit* I just found out that they are having a limited showing of the final cut at the Music Box down in the city! I am going to try and go see it sometime this week before it ends this Thursday.