So its finally hitting home that I will be leaving next week:


I think I am going to go shoot at the range this weekend, no more of that fun for a long while 🙁 I ran across this XD-9 in sick pink digi-camo a few weeks ago. Had it not been close to $900 I would have picked it up for Yuki.


And I had been waiting for the new In Flames LP, but it turned out to be a disappointment. I wasn’t even able to get through the album two whole times, before just stopping it and moving to some good old Come Clarity.

Shoot date

Yuki finally got her FOID card, so we decided to go shoot at GAT yesterday. Being her 1st time she was a bit scared of the gun, but by the last few clips she was doing well and said she was having a lot of fun. We shot a Glock 34:


I liked the gun a lot, and the longer barrel made the gun very accurate and kept my groupings very consistent from clip to clip. In the below pics, my last 7 rounds nice and grouped around the center, and Yuki’s everywhere else. Actually not bad for a 1st time imho.



Bill’s AR-15 is mighty nice, hope to shoot it one of these days. No airsoft here boys.





“Magpull miad grip, magpul CTR stock, Trop flip up iron sights, ATN javelin flashlight, gren weapon laser, tango foregrip, magpul rail covers, Daniel defense sling adapter, La Rue tact sight mounts, Trijicon accuview 1.25-4x scope, Eotech halo sight w/ aimpoint 3x mag”

Also his Sig:


“P226 .40S&W w/ Insight Tech MX6 weapons light/laser illuminator”




I still really want to pick up an XD9, I was looking around on XD Talk and found a few pics of some really nice looking XD9s in both the green and all black. I really like how the green is looking with the extended mag and color matched grip



And good god do I have the jones for some driving these days !