New toys

My school is going all Mac….I’m getting spoiled with goodies:

It’s spring in Kyoto

and I’m back in Japan and finally caught up with work and other things

Time to get back on this blog!

Whats going on

I’ve been crazy busy with my classes trip to Norcal, if you wanna see what I’m involved in check this blog out. Otherwise enjoy a shot of me as a firefighter:

Keeping busy

Shipping those wheels out here and there:

Norcal Trip

I got tossed on a weeklong school trip to Norcal (mostly in Modesto) last minute, but the high point for me was getting to see Yosemite.


I’ll make a proper post on the trip here in a fews days. But dealing with moving 70 kids around for 7 days has left me more tired than I’ve been in a long time.


This past week I was fortunate enough to head down to Sydney for a conference on virtual world education to meet with the fellow teachers we work with on the Skoolaborate projects. It was only a quick 4 days but we had plenty of down time to enjoy the beautiful city along with working out details for new projects and such. For the full set of pics be sure to check out the Flickr album. It was a decently long 8 hour flight down to the Gold Coast and then a quick hour further down to Sydney:

The 1st thing I did was grab a proper breakfast…plates like this don’t happen in Japan:

I’m not a huge “see the sights” person but I really liked the downtown area and the view of the Opera House. Pictures do not do this place justice:

See, I’m working…so I’m serious……

And of course business meeting = beer… least for us it did. I really liked the VB on tap. I’m sure its just run of the mill down there but good beer is good beer:

We had a few drinks at Bondi Beach…you can see how clear the water is. I wanted to go grab a board and jump in, but no time….

More real breakfast:

and real burgers:

We were also lucky enough to be in Sydney for a nice little thing they call a dust storm…something I guess never happens?!

Anyway, I celebrated the occation by eating a kangaroo for dinner:

Though short, it was a great trip. I took way more pics that I really ever do, so check those out on Flickr if you like. I’d like to get back to Sydney and see it at a more leisurely pace, along with a few other cities.

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Keepin busy


Shipping dope thangs Stateside!

Year 2

A few months ago we started the new school year here, thankfully I avoided all the odd changes in position that took place and I stayed with the same class. Our trip to America got pushed back because of the flu..but we should be going early next year.


At work…

It’s all about Reese’s and Wolfenstein3D on my iPod